Published on October 14, 2021 (Updated on October 20, 2021)

Anime World V2 (New Update)

You want to have Anime characters into Minecraft but don't know how, Yes you found it right this is the addon for you. Wish you experience a whole new addon with your own favorite Anime characters.Enter the game and enjoy it.


Here is a video to help you see more about this addon


What's new in this update?

I removed dummies of anime characters. Instead I edited the image and added sounds for each character.

There are 29 characters in this addon

Some pictures of the characters

Characters that can attack monsters and some villains in the addon


We can tame with cookies or apples.However, for some villains it is not possible.

If you attack the character it will attack you back, but it's okay you can run away then the character won't attack you anymore. Once tamed they will protect you and won't attack Friend.

Character skills

The Boss in this addon

Muzan can transform when attacked by players or other characters

list of characters in this addon

  1. Asuna
  2. Ayame
  3. Baki
  4. Boa Hancock
  5. Boros
  6. Chika
  7. Dazai
  8. Esdeath
  9. Gleen
  10. Goku
  11. Kohaku
  12. KoroSensie
  13. Levi
  14. Maki OZe
  15. Megumi
  16. Mikey
  17. Miku
  18. Muzan
  19. Raphtalia
  20. Rem
  21. Sanji
  22. Satoru Jogo
  23. Tatsumaki
  24. Tohru
  25. Tuka Luna
  26. Vanitas
  27. Yumeko
  28. Hen
  29. Muzan Monster

The last thing turn on all the add-ons if you don't want it to fail. Thanks for reading


Select version for changelog:


I've retouched some of the visuals and added some newer characters in this new update as well as tweaked the stats to be more appropriate, added sounds for each character, and added new characters. skills for long ranged characters. and lastly thank you. I wish you have fun.


For the mcaddon file: download the mcaddon file then open it up and go to Minecraft enjoy.
For Zip file : Extract it then put the file in the right folder resource_packs and behavior_packs

Good luck.

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K-On! And JoJo characters when?
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What are the Heart's used for? Can You add zero two from darling in the franxx in new update?
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Can you add Tomoe and Nanami pls?? 😩🤍
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If by chance you could add in abilties like a few from each anime. You would have an anime that is completely unrivaled
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can put the konosuba I will be very happy
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Here are some anime characters

Matoi Ryukki

Holo (Spice and wolf)


Jeanne D’Arc (Fate)

Santa Lilly (Fate Grand Order)

Mordred (Fate)

Tohru and Kamui from Kobyashi Dragon Maid

Abigail Williams (Fate)


Atlanta (Fate)

Adlet Meyer (Rokka No Yuusha)

Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra (Rokka no Yuusha)

Fremy Speeddraw (Rokka No Yuusha)

Shinku (Rosen Maiden)


Guts (Berserk)

Lelei (Gate)

Rory Mercury (Gate)

Tuka (Gate)

I know this is allot but most of these characters are from great anime that body has heard about. please add these charcters because I love them and I would see it in Minecraf. Also I’m a YouTuber so I would to review these characters
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Thanks for the Addon I loved it but it would also be cool if you add voice acting and some new characters.
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