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Published on June 07, 2021 (Updated on June 10, 2021)

Anvil Guide (Make Your Top Items + Supports DarkMode)


This small resource package allows you to enchant armor and tools so that in a hard situation they help you not to die.The armor you'll be enchant with will help you fall from 103 height only in your shoes and not die! And also in this armor you can stand in the lava for more than 1 minute.


This resource package complements the anvil with new menu, which shows tips for enchanting the best armor and tools.


I want to enchant myself with cool boots. I choose between Soul Speed, Frost Walker and Depth Strider Soul Speed, then enchant boots on Feather Falling, then to the Protection, the Thorns, the Unbreaking and the Mending. The best boots are ready!


Also, this resource pack supports DarkMode (there are on the, I don't use other people's content as my own, I do support the resource package features from another author). It can be enabled by clicking on the gear and selecting DarkMode.

No arrows edition (1.9.0)

In version 1.9.0, the arrows were removed, people could get confused because of them.

In the future

  • Suggest your ideas in the comments. 

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  • The arrows that could confuse people have been removed;
  • The menu "Other" added elytra and carrot on a fishing rod;
  • The sword has an optional "Fire aspect" enchantment to the "Armour and Tools" menu.


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This resource pack is really usefull,
I suggest you to make the UI bigger for wind 10 version.
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Cool concept, i'm willing to give it a try,
but almost every player uses fire aspect for easier battles and instant cooked meat.
So please keep that in mind, just because you think a lot of players don't use fire aspect,
still means you have to add it for people.
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I suggest putting elytra in the "other" box :)
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Hey, i dont know if this was intentional but, I think you had forgotten to add the fire aspect enchantment on the sword.
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Ok, I'll add, but not all players do put a fire aspect on their sword.
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