Anvil Guide (Animation Test! Supports DarkMode & Pocket UI + Windows 10 Edition)


This small resource package allows you to enchant armor and tools so that in a hard situation they help you not to die.

The armor you'll be enchant with will help you fall from 103 height only in your shoes and not die! And also in this armor you can stand in the lava for more than 1 minute.

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UI Update (2.0.0)

  • Added animated mode; 
  • Added transparent mode;
  • Removed the division of modes into different resource packages.



Installation Guides

The purpose of this is to provide a list of enchantments to help you in various situations, right? (sorry for the dumb question, im just makin sure..)
make a transparent GUI, please
Salut deh sama LansUilson selalu bikin addon yang sangat berguna :)
THIS IS A FUCKING VIRUS (the win10 edition)
All the original files are open. You can check them out through antivirus.
I don't know where you found the viruses in the resource package.
I apologize in advance for any errors in the text. (translator's fault)
Found 2 bugs
When you change the theme to dark, only the guide windows change, the main anvil menu stays light.
The left guide menu (additional window) connects a little crooked to the main Anvil menu.
"Dark Mode" is just an addition to DarkMode from another author on So you include the "DarkMode" resource package and choose "DarkMode" in AnvilGuide settings.

Uneven connections may be a mistake to adapt to different screen sizes, but I'll try to solve this.
Who is this author?
In the future:
Adaptation under Pocket UI.
Is it available for mcpe ?
If you mean Minecraft MCPE as Minecraft Bedrock, then yes, and if not, I haven't tested it.
This resource pack is really usefull,
I suggest you to make the UI bigger for wind 10 version.
Cool concept, i'm willing to give it a try,
but almost every player uses fire aspect for easier battles and instant cooked meat.
So please keep that in mind, just because you think a lot of players don't use fire aspect,
still means you have to add it for people.
I suggest putting elytra in the "other" box :)
I'll add, thank you for the offer!
Hey, i dont know if this was intentional but, I think you had forgotten to add the fire aspect enchantment on the sword.
Ok, I'll add, but not all players do put a fire aspect on their sword.