Published on June 20, 2021 (Updated on June 18, 2021)

Aquatic Hoverbike Addon

In this addon I have made a hoverbike that was made for water. You can race with friends or add it to a survival world to make underwater travel easy. 

In this addon I have made a hoverbike that was made for water. 

How do I get the hoverbike?: You can find the bike in the spawn egg section.

What can the aquatic hoverbike do?: It can move underwater at high speed and gives you the water breathing effect so you wont drown.

What makes this hoverbike different than the last hoverbikes?: This bike can go underwater, can give you an effect, and can super jump.

How many different hoverbikes are there?: In this addon there is only the red hoverbike. In the future I will be making addons that will mostly have one new entity and sometimes more depending on the addon.


Can I leave a addon suggestion? If so, where?: You can leave suggestions at my YouTube channel discussion: C1RCU1T.


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Fixed a couple of bugs and fixed spelling on items.


Do not republish, take credit, or upload without the owners permission.
If you would like to make a video with this addon give credit to the owner.
You can customize the addon however you like, but contact the owner.
If you have any questions contact C1RCU1T.
Thanks for downloading!
Be sure to support me on youtube at


  • Aqua_Hoverbike_B.mcpack (127.03 KB)
  • Aqua_Hoverbike_R.mcpack (129.48 KB)

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A underwater hoverbike, sounds like submarine but with more steps...
Fix speed make it slower, kinda annoying in the current update hope you fix it maybe a bit slower than boat...