Published on January 16, 2021 (Updated on March 29, 2021)

Asriel Dreemurr V2 Add-on (UPDATED)

Are you a fan of undertale?.  Or do you already defeat the game in pacifist?. 

Do you know asriel dreemurr?. Yes that final boss in pacifist with fire magic chaos star and chaos saber  yes all of we already make it btw i am Wracks Gaming creator of this add-on and my friend and my partner in making this add-on id leod1012PLAYZ


Health: xxxxx

Damage: xxxx

Speed: 30


Fire magic:

This ability in hard to dodge cause of we cannot see where it came from

Asriel's lightning bolt

This lightning bolt have a 3 kond of colors green,blue and red dont worry this lightning bolt is not so deadly 

Chaos star

Have you seen this in boss fight?. Yes i added too to make it more cool in battle and that kind of star is dangerous don't dare to touch it haha

Chaos saber

He can use it as a melee attack and range attack making him more dangerous in the game and btw this ability is one of the dangerous attack of asriel

Chaos blaster

Yes i added too and the 1st part of chaos blaster before going to laser sorry i didn't screenshot it

Hyper goner

This ability is the final attack in asriel phase 1  before transform in phase 2 this is so powerfull can 1 hit any enemy immortal or not

Asriel phase 2 / god of hyperdeath

This is the final form asriel as you can see he can use fire magic too like in phase 1 but this fire magic is have a huge range of attack and more affected area

Asriel phase 2 chaos laser

This is the strongest attack in phase 2 and 

Btw i make this attack every 20 seconds become much stronger

Change log :

Asriel kid form

Asriel first form now is kid before transform into phase 1 wait 17 seconds before aerial kid transform into phase

Ariel after the final form defeat

After the song the save button will appear and use apple to trigger soul releases 

Ability appearance change log

Image below:


If you want to showcase this addon please only mcpedl link only will distribute and give credits to creator we work so hard for 1 month to this addon


Turn on experimental to make this addon work 

Credits to the creator of the song

"Man on the internet

And also credits to leod1012 for testing and giving me new idea about this add-on

All of them have yt channel also me

Select version for changelog:


I added new link and the new in the add, -on asriel kid form and also about to the new ability appearance 

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4.92 / 5 (13 votes)
the music almost made me cry 10/10
Hey you should make an asriel morph with this addon
Cool update dude, i haven't updated since Im just lazy.
Hi! This addon seems really cool but it seems that it doesn't work for me. Are there any bugs or is it just me?
The addon doesnt work please help me wracks the "spawn asriel" not appears in my inventory I have switched on experimental mode and not effect please help I so tired for this, please create a New archive with the ID addon texture and the versión I need it PLEASE! :'(
Nicccceeee and cool, improve it yall 👍😀👍
Addon is very nice, but texture is ugly. make better pls
Best Add-on ever! I love the ability and models!
it looks like toriel
Because Asriel is literally the son of Asgore and Toriel, so these goats look almost the same
can you make a flowey addon
We already made a Flowey addon
Can you make it so we can be him, idk if it is already there...btw looks awsome
darn it you were first, congrats
or were you?
Hello can you help me with a problem? You can create a New archive with the ID addon and the versión in it? Is that the addon does not appears anywhere in the inventory and no trace of it appears, you can send me a tutorial or how to download it or you can send a New file with the addon ID and the versión number in mcaddon to open it directly From minecraft and fix that error

Please help :''(
first and great addon