Published on January 08, 2023 (Updated on September 25, 2023)

Assassin's Creed Mod | v2.1 Crafts!

This is a modification of items and equipment from the famous Assassin's Creed game. There are no items from any single part of the franchise here, there are items from different parts collected here! Hope you enjoy playing with this mod.

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v0.1 - The first Update

  • 4 Hidden blades
  • Shield
  • Token

v2.0 - Hidden blades Remake

  • Added 2 new hidden blades
  • Reworked equipment system, and view from 1 person
  • Added 2 Assassin's Tomahawks
  • Added Gui menu to Assassin's Token
  • DLC: UI menu | only up to 1.19.51 | Scripts
  • DLC: Back tools

v2.1 - Crafts update

  • Added crafting recipes for all hiddenblades
  • Added crafting recipes for tomahawks and shields
  • Added 2 new items (parts) with crafts: blade, bracers
  • Reduced textures quality from 512x to 128x (for fps optimizing)


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You honestly should get more credit for this sense these add-ons are so good.

If you ever create a discord server on stuff like this i would 100 percent join.
is this addon work on 1.20.12
There’s no link
This is bug, it will be fixed in a few days, so just wait please, sorry for the inconvenience
does it work in newest 1.20 version?
It works corectly, so don't worry
It is an excellent Addon, combined with the parkour development of the @Eyebags Addon and it would be almost perfect, however the Addon still doesn't have recipes, if I'm not wrong you said that for the next update (this one) there would already be crafting recipes.

Additionally I think it would be great if you added the Assassin robes and it would be even better if they could be dyed like leather armor.

Great job, looking forward to the next big update, so I can enjoy everything in survival
Only if you turn on Back Tools pack
Make a discord so you can take suggestions and share sneak peaks?
Idk, maybe i ever create discord server
keep good job 👍
Can create in survival?
In next update i will add crafts, so just wait