Published on August 03, 2021 (Updated on August 05, 2021)

Astroman's Skin Pack

Hello! This is my skin pack that I have been working on for months and I think it is a good time to post it, This is my skin pack where you can have skins to make your friends laugh and just have a great time on Minecraft. I would say that these skins are really creative and not many people thought to make them, I am just trying to start something new with Minecraft skins! I want to show creators that they can be more creative with their skins and they can honestly make something better than my skins.

I give full permission for anybody to use my skins as a reference (dont just take my skins and put it in your pack) but all I ask for is just credit. Basically my skin pack is a mix of memes and creativity, I combine 64x64 skins with 128x128 skins and it works perfectly and you get to wear them and all this creativity to just make meme skins. I am really proud of my skin pack and would be happy to see people wear my skins in public servers.


So anyway here are my skins:

(most made with mine-imator)

So the skins inside my pack is more for showing to friends and making jokes like I said at the top and I made these skins for fun. If you have a idea for any Minecraft skins I will make them unless its like your custom Minecraft skin, it has to be a funny skin.

There is 2 skins that is Astroman and the majoras mask moon. I added these because I needed a way to credit myself and I want to be these characters when I play Minecraft myself.

this is the duck side of skin pack and I added a bunch of ducks because I like my the duck skins I made. I added the normal duck and added different styles to it because I think it makes the duck skin more interesting.

We're lucky there is a family guy in my skin pack because this part is for people that can do good voice impressions of family guy characters or for people that just like family guy. (I was too lazy to make an actual good background)

I made this to showcase the monkeys and the doge but this also shows some of the memes in this pack.

I have worked really hard on this pack and like I said at the top of the description you can use my skins as a reference but dont just take my skin and put it in your pack but you can do it if you get permission from me.

If you like my skin pack and want to see more of me you can subscribe to me on YouTube:

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this is a pretty small update.

I added mommy imposter role because I thought it was funny when I saw it on youtube.

I added a truck skin

I added ron from friday night funkin bobs onslaught

I added quagmire and cleveland brown.

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Plz add a Christmas skin for the duck other than that love the skin pack
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sorry for this spelling mistakes in the description I worked on the description around 3 am. I will fix the description the next update.
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