Automaticraft Add-on (1.16)

This is a tech-based add-on that adds 6 machines to your world! They run on automation so you need an energy source. This add-on adds new tools to operate the new machines as well.

👉Crafting recipes!👈



  • These are used to operate the new machines added by this add-on. It can be used to rotate and resize the operation zones.


  • These are used to remove the new machines, interact with a machine using this item and it will drop.
  • When you the machine has a battery, it will be dropped as empty.

Silicon ingot

  • Crafted from sand and scrap material. It can be crafted from quartz and sand as well.
  • Used to craft most of the items and blocks for this add-on.
  • Can be converterd into a decorative block.

Sylex ingot

  • Crafted from red sand and scrap material.
  • Used to craft lunar components.
  • Can be converterd into a decorative block.

Solar and Lunar panels

  • Crafted from either silicon or sylex crystals.
  • Used to craft the supply box for said generators.

Silicon and Sylex crystals

  • Results from cooking silicon or sylex ingots in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • Used to craft Solar or Lunar panels.


  • Crafted from an iron ingot and an iron nugget.
  • Used to craft most of the items and blocks for this add-on.

Scrap matter

  • A result from interacting using any item with the item shredder.
  • Used to craft silicon ingots and sylex ingots.

Machine chasis

  • Crafted from silicon ingots and iron bars.
  • Used to craft the supplies that provide the machines.


  • Crafted from the stonecutter by placing paper.
  • Used to craft the supplies that provide the machines.



  • These are blocks that are crafted from blueprints, gears, and machine chasis.
  • It drops the machines.

Power canister

  • Crafted from silicon and gears.
  • This is a battery that can be charged by the Solar and Lunar generators.
  • When fully charged, you can interact with any machine from the add-on (except generators) to activate them.

Silicon and Sylex block

  • Crafted from 9 ingots of the same material.



  • You can activate these machines using a fully powered canister, which is the power source.
  • You can use a hammer of any material to remove them. If the device already has a battery, it will drop it as empty.
  • These are the machines that add a function of automation in your minecraft world


  • This machine can mine anything within a 5×5 area in 4 directions.
  • The operation zone can be adjusted using a wrench. Simply interact with it to do so.
  • These are effective for tree, sugarcane, bamboo, and cobblestone farms.


  • This machine can attract any item within a 3/5/7 block radius.
  • The operation zone can be adjusted using a wrench. Simply interact with it to do so.
  • You can use a hopper underneath this machine with a solid block that supports it from a side.


  • This machine is the opposite of the auto-collector. It disperses items within a 3/5/7 block radius.
  • The operation zone can be adjusted using a wrench. Simply interact with it to do so.
  • This machine spreads item in a circular motion, similar to a blackhole but in reverse.

Item shredder

  • This machine is used to shred items that are no longer needed. The junk item has a chance to be converted into scrap matter.
  • To shred an item, the player is required to sneak and interact with it. The item will shredded.


  • These are machines that can charge the power canisters that are almost or completely empty.
  • You can use a hammer to remove them. Simply interact with it to do so.
  • To rotate the charging zone, simply interact with it using a wrench.
  • It takes about 45 seconds to charge a power canister. After the charge period, it will cool down for 15 seconds before charging another batch.

Solar generator

  • This will operate only under day time.
  • Uses silicon crystals.

Lunar generator

  • This will operate only under night time.
  • Uses sylex crystals.

You can also place them!

To place them, use the “Item ground ( Automaticraft )” and interact with any item from the add-on to display them.

Changelog View more


Fixed the error regarding interaction using blocks.

Fixed charging power sources.


  • Fixed golden hammer crafting recipe
  • Added netherite crfafting recipes for tools
  • Fixed the custom blocks


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you wish to use this for your content, at least credit me.
  • You may copy/paste this for your content as well if you wish


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67 Responses

4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-9143432158 says:

    what is the “P” in the solar panel crafting recipe?

  2. Guest-1697477009 says:

    Yo creator the power canister is in the game but charged power canister isn’t. That might be the problem why it isn’t charging

  3. Guest-2527838516 says:

    Can u jus add the cheged block as a it’s own separate block bc it still isn’t charging

  4. Guest-1283176940 says:

    anybody know how to give the crystals to the generators?
    I need hlp im on pe

  5. Guest-4427025198 says:

    Why cant I craft the items in survival? Im currently on

  6. Guest-9290175348 says:

    Hey que onda, quisiera saber si harás que este complemento tenga soporte para la 1.16 versión oficial? Para así poderlo utilizar en realms, tiene muchísimo potencial y te apoyariamos bastante en la comunidad de Realms, algunos crafteos si funcionan en los realms pero no todos.

    • Guest-9621318258 says:

      Alguien sabe cómo dar los cristales a los generadores?
      Necesito hlp im en pe

    • Guest-2812844002 says:

      Sí funciona en la versión oficial, si te funciona en local, te funcionará en el Realms, yo también tengo Realms, por eso te lo menciono. Antes de la 1.16 no era igual, ahora sí.

  7. Guest-4102454627 says:

    Hey it’s me again Guest-3642365168 Power canister is using the sorce power
    canister please fix it i cannot use any machines lot of problem

  8. Guest-4980439463 says:

    Outstanding addon. but the power canisters arnt charging with either panel. Also next time please add what kind of pressure plate you need To make solar panels. Had to read your comment just to figure it out.

  9. Guest-3363111536 says:

    2 things: First, can I use this in the non-beta 1.16? Secondly, does it require Experimental Gameplay to be active?

  10. Guest-9235185760 says:

    Hi i love your add-ons i really want to know if you are going to update add-ons like
    -more crops
    -the variants

  11. Guest-1628255871 says:

    I could ve sworn ive seen that name before

  12. Guest-9072089355 says:

    Hey Raigen, can I use it for my modpack?

  13. Guest-3642365168 says:

    Any update for 1.16 i am waiting

  14. Guest-7215426933 says:

    How can i get it please tell me

  15. Guest-6242866456 says:

    Many things can’t be placed in 1.16.0
    Hope it gets fixed, this mod looks fantastic.

  16. Guest-9363829856 says:

    Some crafting doesn’t work in the 1.16.0 official version… 🙁

  17. Guest-2038092765 says:

    I have two simple requests, one for this addon and a new addon:

    1. Can you please make It possible to get the behavior and resource packs seperate? That would be nice.

    And 2. Can you please make a touhou spell card addon? I have been yearning for an addon that adds spell cards or magic attacks like In touhou or other games that use projectiles.

    Overall, you are an amazing addon maker, keep up the good work. (Sorry If this Is a duplicate)

  18. Guest-2038092765 says:

    I have two simple requests, one for this addon and a new addon:

    1. Can you please make It possible to get the behavior and resource packs seperate? That would be nice.

    And 2. Can you please make a touhou spell card addon? I have been yearning for an addon that adds spell cards or magic attacks like In touhou or other games that use projectiles.

    Overall, you are an amazing addon maker, keep up the good work.

  19. Guest-9496306137 says:

    Bro, this mod is the coolest one i downloaded but, i’m at 1.16 beta i can’t get the “battery block” if you fix this bug, i’ll be very happy, thanks

  20. Guest-3582605539 says:

    Dude these crafting recipes are hard
    Plus you didn’t show us there recipes on how to craft them

  21. Guest-3180620619 says:

    How do i craft solar panels no matter what I try it won’t let me craft them

  22. Guest-8729517921 says:

    why i don’t have hammer&wrench in my inventory?the 1 and only way to get it is with command,RIP survival

  23. D507mc says:

    Hello CodanRaigen21,
    I’m a big fan of yours because of how you make great addons,
    a question, how do you make the addon?
    Can you teach me I am a beginner?

  24. Guest-4923253048 says:

    The addon works amazingly but it seems to crash after a long period of playing, really could use a fix! Everything else works amazingly though!

  25. Guest-9989911755 says:

    Would you be interested in joining the addon creators discord? Non addon creators can join too, it’s more for having a community. I just started it a couple minutes ago, so there’s nobody there. Care to join? I would love to have someone of your talent on the server.

  26. KShaiban13 says:

    I have a question: How do you place them on the ground as shown last?
    And also, yes, you have to turn on experimental gameplay.

  27. Masgamer123 says:

    Hey Codan! Can i make a seperate recipe addon for some of the stuff?

  28. Guest-4985592770 says:

    Works perfectly on 1.14 on XBOX ONE. Tested it, it is perfect. Only question/problem, not sure if it is craftable or obtainable in the creative menu, but the wrenches and hammers don’t show. But overall a very good addon! And it is Multiplayer friendly, we’ve only tested it with 3 players, so it can probably handle more.

  29. Guest-9703394349 says:

    Gusy do you put on expiremenatal gamelpay??

  30. JKACrazy says:

    Why are all of the devises disappearing

  31. Artmancall says:

    This is amazing. I have been trying to find good addons like java edition mods you are a true developer. I don’t like some of the addons that some people create because they become boring for some time. But this will be hard to get bored of

  32. Guest-1301151844 says:

    It doesn’t work for beta the power canisters aren’t there

  33. Guest-8680805100 says:

    How do I craft power canister?

  34. Guest-3674563155 says:


  35. Guest-2121003407 says:

    Hey how can I get the blocks with a ” P” on the center? Or what block I need to craft the solar an lunar panel?

  36. Vanilla420 says:

    this is some actual good stuff…anyway yah like what everyone is saying, if you have the time to ever conjoin your modpacks that would be great, especially for my map COREBlock, i used some of your addons to make that map a little bit more fun but the thing is i cant add most of them because if i put multiple together, it causes the others to stop working

  37. In my personal opinion you are probably the best mod developer for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I have a question though, are you ever going to/considering making a mod pack of your addons? I really like them but they don’t all work with eachother.

  38. Guest-7667663471 says:

    Hey codan, this is pretty epic

  39. Guest-5098039383 says:

    i love your mods they are the best of all but when i try to download this mod it says the website has been temperary shut down or moved to a new web address

  40. Guest-9256802038 says:

    Why Don’t you make The Silicon ingot and Sylex ingot Look 3D like the iron ingot in place me addon

  41. Guest-9578999077 says:

    I cant craft the auto havesting can you fix that 👍👍😉😅

  42. Guest-7648527280 says:

    Hey. I know you’ve been doing so much work which I love and I also love ur addons but I have a suggestion . Can u make a veinminer addon?
    U don’t need to make one if u don’t want too. 🙂

  43. Guest-7640085983 says:

    You work too hard on these man, you deserve a break

  44. CubyfairGaming says:

    Good Addon…only problem is(for1.16)… blocks arent supported on minecraft(1.16) so thats why we(1.16 players) cant use your addon

    this is my not hating anyone or anything…i just tell why this cant be implemented at 1.16..

    • CubyfairGaming says:

      I Like this addon alot because it will help me automate this but i cant because mcbe 1.16 doesnt support blocks anymore(i think).

      • There was a recent bugfix where custom blocks work again. In the full release of 1.16, custom blocks will work again.

        • Guest-9465972750 says:

          Hello, CodanRaigenXXI, I am the same person that has wanted to download the elemental swords, but due to the Addon being conjoined together (resource pack and behavior) I was unable to put it in my files and therefor, unable to play with the Addon in my world. Please, go to that Addon and add an optional lone behavior pack and resource pack. Please and thank you!

  45. Guest-1286325954 says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST 👍👍👍😀😁


  46. Guest-5433766486 says:

    this is zarax , i like to see ur doing something to do with the suggestions we talked about gg

  47. Guest-6739279299 says:


  48. Before anyone starts replying why they despawn, do not spawn them at Y/5 and below. If you place them there and they don’t give you back your device, it’s a difficult bug to fix. I’m doing my best.

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