Published on February 02, 2023 (Updated on February 09, 2023)

Auxiliary Soundtrack - (Oh Eight)

Pack made by Joalek ( This pack replaces most Overworld biome music events, and changes some of the menu music with custom music. The music is from Oh Eight on youtube ( The pack uses a custom music event called ( that includes the main soundtrack music and Oh Eight's soundtrack. The new songs added includes Ravine, Unknown Biome, Alma, Desert, Fire Pot, Notch, Roots, Alpha, Bone Meal, I was Frustrated; Now I'm not (Thanks Notch), Moog in Space, Ballada, Ballada 2, Creeper, Diamond, Mice, Minecraft (Menu Music), Mojang, Monsters Nearby, Toggledownfall, For Sverige, Mining Deep, Steves Choice, and Slow Start(.)

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I've used a few different music packs for my world, and they just didn't have the Minecraft feel to it, you know? However, when I say this has some of the best, and definitely most underrated music I've heard from a Bedrock Addon, I mean it. I would suggest to anyone reading this to try it, and listen for yourselves.