Published on June 12, 2023 (Updated on July 26, 2023)

[1.20.10] AxisHealthBar – see the number of HP

Look at the number of HP mobs and players using the AxisHealthBar add on from AxisCube. There are several types of heart icon designs. There are icons for most mobs.

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Mob icons: creeper, zombie, herobrine, cheesecat, axolotl, skeleton, cow, pig. Warden healthbar fix


Supported Minecraft versions

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If I was too use this addon then would my custom mobs show there health or not, I'm gonna guess no & if it doesn't show the health of custom mobs then plss try to get it show health of custom mobs, I'm gonna see if it shows health for my custom zombies but it probably wont

(Edited) it did work however if the custom mob or custom monster has lots of hearts then the hearts goes off the screen which I figure that would happen, if you could make a different version of the addon that just like the 1 in java that work for custom mobs but says how much hp they have in numbers only then that would be very nice, plss do that if you can & you will be rewarded in the future when my world & addon is out on mcpedl

Hopefully this update might fix it
Is this a recourse pack???
Can I put it in global resources to use it on public servers?
Finalmente um que mostra a vida de mobs feitos em outros addons! Parabéns, ótimo trabalho!
Thanks for developing , exactly what was needed.