Published on July 21, 2021 (Updated on July 22, 2021)


Axowither, Witherxolotl, Axolither, Wixolotl whatever you name it! And yes, this pack changes how the wither looks to be a three-headed floating axolotl, also the wither skeleton has a axolotl hat and it looks pretty cool, even the skull!

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  • Made the wither skeleton skull have gills as they don't have it in the previous version
  • The wither has axolotl sounds now


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awesome, btw it is possible change the head model
the wither skeleton skull? yeah it could but it also affect the other skull though
you can just make it use a part of the texture that isn't used so the other heads will have nothing in the place the wither skeleton texture has the axolotl head ferns