Are you tired of your server being boring? Download this 100% stable development version addon today!

Azalea is a feature-rich server essentials addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It provides various tools and functionalities to enhance your server, such as a very customizable chat system or admin panel.

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V0.9.1.2 is here, it is a final bug fix before V1.0 fixing some major bugs and making features more user-friendly

  • Shop UI no longer throws an error when there is no items, it instead tells you how to set up the shop.
  • Warps UI no longer throws an error when there is no waprs, it instead tells you how to set warps.
  • !shop add <price> now gives a command output to tell you it worked
  • All commands have their own categories now and are not placed under "Uncategorized"
  • 2 more UIs can now be opened through command blocks:
    • /scriptevent azalea:open_ui AzaleaExtra/Report
    • /scriptevent azalea:open_ui AzaleaExtra/Review
  • There is now a note in the leaderboards configuration telling you that it is just for customizing leaderboards, and you instead have to create leaderboards with a command.

A lot of stuff is planned for V1.0!



Supported Minecraft versions

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hey bro your mod is nice but can you make a version for it for minecraft education? the latest version is 1.20.13/1.20.12
The neweat version of the time im making this comment is 1.20.50. You're using an outdated version.
Se puede poner items personalizados en la tienda ?
How can i see how much money i have?
How to i know i have how much money for use shop player and admin shop
ITS really good addon bro,
Can you create Warp with cmd /? To make things easier
you can execute "/scriptevent azalea:warpto " on any player
vou testar pra ver
It’s a really good addon