Ban Addon! (1.12+)

Ban or kick players from your minecraft world! The player will banned from your world, so he will leave or kicked out of your world! First working ban addon!

How  it works: The addon will crash the player and when the player is banned the addon will instantly kick the player if he is trying to join the world!

Feedback update: You will get feedback in the chat when you banned  a player or something like that!

Watch the video (click here) (recommended) how to use the addon or read this description and follow the steps! (Link is on the end of description)

How to ban, kick and activate the addon:

  • Add the addon to your world and the behavoir must be the first one in the list!
  • After that you need to place a reapeting command block down and set the command block to always active (Under “Redstone”)!

  • Then enter the command “/function Ban_addon” in the command field!
  • If you want to ban a player enter the command “/tag [playername] add ban” or “/execute [playername] ~ ~ ~ function ban
  • If you want to unban someone change the behavoir packs!

            – Remove “NO HACKERS” behavior and add “Unban friends” behavior

             Notice: Every banned player can join your world (If you will change the addons

             again banned player can’t join again!)

            -Now you need to join with the banned account which is possebile now and unban              the player with “/tag [playername] add unban” or “/execute [playername] ~ ~ ~              function unban”

            -If you unbanned everyone change the addons again

And by the way: that is my first addon! 😀

Feedback update: You will get feedback in the chat when you banned a player or something like that!

How to use (video):

Please watch the video if you want to understand this addon, how to use etc. It only takes you 5 minutes! Don’t watch this video for giving me clicks, but only for understand, so I didn’t monetize the video! 😉

You are allowed to do:

  • A review or showcase

You are not allowed to do:

  • Mod this addon without my consent
  • Use this addon in a Mod pack without my consent or me in the credits

Changelog View more
  2. Fixed download link
  3. Added unban function
  4. Removed kick fnction
  5. Changed description
  6. Added how to do video
  • Feedback update: You will get feedback in the chat when you banned a player or something like that!
  • Better download links


1.Download the behavoir and resource

2.Put the behavoir in behavoir packs folder under games/com.mojang

3.Put the resource in the resource packs folder also under games/com.mojang

If you dont know how to do this watch a youtube tutorial "How to install addons in mcpe" or "How to install addons in mcbe"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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51 Responses

4 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Guest-6815853328 says:

    I can’t download it even zip file why!! Pls reply

  2. Guest-5246908991 says:

    Since alot of you seem quite confused, download any of them. Only need one of the downloads. Once you have downloaded it, make sure you can see the file name extensions under “view” on your file explorer. Rename the file extension from zip or mcpack to .mcaddon. From there, open up the .mcaddon and it should install.

  3. Guest-3860959608 says:

    This good but THIS ISNT A mcpack IT IS A mcaddon

  4. Minecraft456497 says:

    it said failed to download

  5. Guest-1310806744 says:

    Please provide credit to the creator of the texture pack seen in the screen shots you used.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Used to work but due to 1.14 no longer works

  7. User-3322097153 says:

    How do I download?

  8. hey u know what is cool in this addon i know how crash game without it

  9. Anonymous says:

    What!? If you downloaded the mcpack file pls rename them to mcaddon! That makes completely no sense! A pack is a pack! That means more addons or world. And a addon is a addon! A behaviorpack or a resourcepack! Huh anyway just rename it!

  10. BJSK says:

    Lol you didn’t monetize video because you don’t even reach the requirements, not because for the sake of understanding…..

  11. REEEEEEEEEEkid says:

    Hey people! just want to say there is a version where you can ban people without it lagging any other player or crashing your world, its called BanSystem and has been out for a few months now.
    Otherwise great addon, altho it lags a lot.

  12. ReeeeeeeeeeeeKid says:

    This is NOT the first ban addon, someone else already made one!
    Its called BanSystem and it works fine.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It brings me to a docs file help me plz :c

  14. Mallusai says:

    So i had a trouble at installing on a mobile If you failed too, here is what i did.
    1. download ZIP file
    2. rename its extension from .zip to .mcaddon
    3. done
    (havent tested it yet.)

    • Yes thats right! I tested the download link with a undercover account before releasing the addon! It is VERY confusing! If you are on mobile click on the 3 points and then click download!

  15. Atten007 says:

    It said: 404 after

  16. Pro Gamer672 says:

    thanks =)

  17. Vision says:

    Very helpful, I’m using this on a map, (not intended to upload) but to use for my subscribers to join me.

  18. oof says:

    I banned myself

  19. Prys says:

    Is there a command to lag/crash a person without it affecting anyone else?

  20. Sethtony says:

    Thanks now my brother can stop annoying me when i’m Submitting my maps on worlds for minecraft pocket edition it’s a app

  21. KirikkSiSq says:

    I will check out how this works. Maybe I can use both bps simultaneously or i can delete ban without unban bp.

  22. rxrBOX3R says:

    Great Pack! Actually Works!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Great addon. Im suprised peol,e haven’t made this before. But thanks for the great addon dude!

  24. GripssPlayz says:

    Looks good, but how do Andoid users sign up for the minecraft bedrock beta? (Not Minecraft Earth)

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