Published on March 03, 2024 (Updated on April 03, 2024)

Bejewel'd (v1.3) A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Inspired PvP Game

Bejewel'd is a multiplayer shooter game where you select one of two teams and duke it out in bow combat! The aim of the game is to gather more points than the other team by mining blocks on the opponent's side! The game ends when the Jewel is mined and captured! To slow opponents down, use various kits to hurt and kill other players!

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-Added 3 Items to the Shop
-Nerfed some Kits
-Added a Reset Button
-Changed Deposit to Ingots Instead of Blocks


  • bejeweld_v1.4.mcworld (5.43 MB)

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10/10 would recommend wdym I'm complimenting myself