Published on August 18, 2023 (Updated on March 20, 2024)

Best Ranked Play Competitive PVP World (DomPvP)

This is My PvP Server Credits To JudahRockStar For Helping Out with multiple modes like Crystal, Normal, And Black Ops PvP Modes With Mods That I Will Tell You How To Use in the world. I Hope you can enjoy this wonderful experience with your friends! 

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I changed the "ground filling" in both Black OPS Mode and the Crystal PvP Mode has been updated to clear blocks on the surface too. I also added a admin room at spawn that will show all the OP Commands for every mod including Scythe Anticheat OP. In the newest 1.20.70 update i made to this world is added better guns that is a million times better i promise! and updated all the current mods and did some bug fixes. RANKED PLAY IS HERE!!. Ranked play did get a major update and bug fixes.



  • DomPvP_1.20.70_with_updated_ranked_play.mcworld (98.99 MB)

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