Published on April 19, 2023 (Updated on April 23, 2024)

Better Beds [ Resource Pack ]

Perhaps you're just as bored as I am with the usual Minecraft bed model. If so, I encourage you to check out my new resource pack that will change that!

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1. Added new bed icons

2. Added a new animation of lying down to the villagers

3. Fixed a problem in which the bed model went beyond the hitbox


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idk if youll do this but tbh i would like to see a modern head board without the front part for a bed. havent seen anyone take up on that
but if you prefer to chat on discord feel free to talk to me: masterspike
In the post it says that to use your model you must leave credits, and so I did as you can see in my texture :)
Привіт, я знаю шо ви українець тому пишу українською. Я зробив модельку ліжка так, щоб вона не випирала в блоки. Куди мені її вам скинути? Прошу щоб ви зробили no bulging out версію, бо не дуже гарно коли воно випирає з хітбоксів) Дякую за тп.
Привіт, дякую! Можете написати мені у Discord, за тегом fleecks
Que buen trabajo amigo!!! Te quedó genial y justo yo necesitaba texturas así de bonitas para decorar mi mundo sin necesidad de añadir addons y perjudicar mis logros. Gracias 💞
好欸 我超喜歡這種接近原版的風格 有改良但又不會太違和ouo
I really like this approach to the original style ouo
I really like the texture :) great job