Published on November 09, 2022 (Updated on November 13, 2022)

Better Enchantment Names

Hey guys, its been a while, but I'm back. First off id like to say sorry for not updating my packs but I'm getting around to it very soon. This Texture Pack changes all the Enchantment Names

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  1. Added A Title Screen Image
  2. Added Some Splash Text To The Texture Pack
  3. Added Loading Messages To The Pack
  4. Changed The Thumbnails Of In Game Images
  5. Changed The Featured Image
  • Added New Splash Text & Start Screen UI Preferences (Creator Info)
  1. Changed Linkvertise to NOT use App Downloader


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Podrian bajar la resolucion a 16x16??
Work on (Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_1.18.203.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe) but the all skins goes invisible.
Hmm... Why it's like Ik from where you find these Enchantments Description :/
Ah Nvm, this is Good :)
how about several enchantments which works on both crossbow & bow but not general?
Sorry, i dont understand what you mean? Could you explain? This pack only adds Descriptions & Icons to the default enchantments, not new ones.