Better Jetpack Add-On (Bug Fixes and More!)

A Jetpack that has better movement which can help you solving any terrain problems or maybe difficult problems like stuck in a hole or surrounded by mobs or even falling into the void. not only that. it might give you the advantage to defeat all bosses especially the Ender Dragon. More Experience will have on you when you try this add-on. So what are you waiting for?


This add-on adds :

3 Different type of Jetpack

Description and How to Craft :

Note : Just do /function Jetpack_kit if you confuse 🙂

1.Normal jetpack

Speed : Slow

Durability : Weak

it maybe slow,but this jetpack is easy to control.Recommended for starters.

2.Advanced Jetpack

Speed : Normal

Durability : Normal

Speed are normal so as the Durability.Recommended for exploring the nether.

3.Supreme Jetpack 

Speed : Fast

Durability : Strong

A Super fast Jetpack that have super Speed but not easy to control.This item is HIGHLY recommended for exploring an open space dimensions like overworld and End Dimension


4.Rainbow Jetpack

Speed : Slow

Durability : Medium

Behave like Normal Jetpack. But a little stronger. This jetpack will create colored particles when flying, which makes your sky world colorful.


5.Pros Jetpack

Step 1

Note : the Jetpack has to be will not work if its full.And u can’t use the jetpack until you craft the final step

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Final Step

speed : medium

Durability : less then supreme

effect : haste,regeneration,resistance,saturation,night vision,fire resistance

This is the most expensive have to craft it step by use dragon egg so only 1 person can wear this jetpack in a world(i might change the dragon egg to netherite block if you guys complain about it).gave positive effect for the user such as haste,regeneration,resistance,saturation,night vision and fire resistance.

After you craft it.You have to fuel it first.

• Bucket of Liquid Coal for Normal Jetpack

• Bucket of Lava for Advanced Jetpack

• Bucket of Ender Fuel for Supreme Jetpack


• Bucket of Rainbow Fuel for Rainbow Jetpack


• Golden Apple for Pros Jetpack

the picture looks awful.sorry


• Bucket of Star Fuel for All Jetpacks

Instead of putting the fuel next to the jetpack.You need to drink it.Hold the Fuel and then long press it.after that,every jetpack that you wear will have infinite fuel.
Note : Don’t drink Liquid Coal when you have drink star fuel.this will make your fuel not infinite.
Here’s How you use the fuel for your Jetpack : 
 you just have to put the fuel next to the Jetpack.And then you’re ready to go.same with the other ones.

How to Equip :

1.Hold the jetpack

2.Long press while holding the Jetpack

And it will automatically go into your armor slot.Just make sure you take off your helmet first before you equip.

Watch this video to learn more about the jetpacks

That’s it for the Description Hope you Enjoy 🙂


  • Please make Sure you give the credits to me when you are showcasing my addons.
  • Don’t you repost this addons to another website 
  • and don’t claim this addons as yours.

Changelog View more
  • Bug Fixed
  • Jetpacks will no longer damaging users(i hope)
  • 2 New Jetpacks
  • Added Star Fuel(Infinite Fuel)
  • Now there's a video that can guide you how to use this Add-On
  • Just Change the featured Image cuz the image doesn't fits


  1. Click the link down below.
  2. download the add-on and wait for it to finish
  3. go to the download folder and search a file that called "Better Jetpack".
  4. Change the name from "Zip" to "mcaddon"
  5. Click the file and select open it in Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

4.75 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. zizzyzizzy says:

    This is very cool! Well done, with only a couple of issues:

    1. This is for you and ALL ADD-ON MOD PACK DEVELOPERS. Please do not call functions every tick (20 times per second) when you do not need them to be called that often.

    In your pack, you are calling the feather falling effect 20 TIMES PER SECOND. Multiply this by how many players are on the server and you have your lag factor, which is going to be enormous. It may work fine in single player, but this very frequent mistake will KILL a server by lagging it into oblivion. (Yes, people LOVE using your add-on packs in BDS!)

    Instead, you can just give them feather falling ONE TIME for, say, 1 second, then check in 1 second if they are still falling and still wearing the jet pack. If they are, give them effect again for another second. This is very easy with a variable.

    variable.delay_tick = variable.delay_tick + 1; return variable.delay_tick > 20;

    Then just reset that variable in the on_entry of the next transition:

    variable.delay_tick = 0;

    Easy peasy, chicken squeezy.

    2. The rainbow jet pack has some variable errors. Turn on debugging in your Windows 10 client and you’ll see them: variables missing: .x, .y, .z, direction

    • zizzyzizzy says:

      Oh, one other issue:

      Why is the jetpack placed as a helmet but then visible on the back of the player? It should replace the chest plate, no?

      Also, you cannot manually place the jetpack on a player. It only works with right-click. Was that intended? If I try to drag and drop to the helmet spot, it doesn’t do anything.

      • zizzyzizzy says:

        Bahh, another issue I just found.

        If you’re wearing a jetpack already and then right-click on a different pack without taking the first one off, the first one is replaced instead of being put back in your inventory.

  2. JJhero1987 says:

    If you could can you make the jetpack show in the crafting book? alot of mods are doing it now and it super cool.

  3. MU GAMER says:

    It doesn’t work on realms can u make a special version for realms please

  4. BRUH___MOMENT says:

    jetpack and crafts work butt… everytime i fly i take damage my game v(1.16.40 windows10)

    • hmm … What a strange bug. Because when I tested it … I didnt take any damage while flying. it worked flawlessly. did it damage your shield? or your Minecraft Health? if it’s shield then it’s not a bug as it is. but if its health then i can’t fix it.Im Sorry…its because i don’t have
      computer or a laptop.So i can’t tell if its fix yes or not

      im on mobile btw(v

  5. Hey,can i do showcase for this addon on my youtube channel? because,i just had 7 sub

  6. Thank you, The Mysterious One. For solving that problem.its really help for those who are confused 👍

  7. Loddy says:

    When I right click, the jetpack behaves like an apple and I try to eat it.
    What do I need to ‘long press’ to equip it?

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