Better Menu Pack – v2.0.0

What is Better Menu Pack?

Better Menu Pack or BMP for short is a texture pack that aims to make the menu more natural and not hard on the eyes.

About the B.M.P

There’s a total of 6 backgrounds you can choose from for the menu.

You can choose not to have a background so you can use the menu but use another resource pack’s panorama(s)

The logo has been changed to look more simple.

most of the menus are in “nightmode” so they should not hurt your eyes

removed the feedback button

The hotbar, hearts, hunger, armor and absorption textures are more simple as well

removed the help button in the inventory for smaller devices

backgrounds now display in settings and profile

About these images

All of the backgrounds that I made, I used a certain shader pack and a little photoshop

to make the backgrounds natural and unique.

Parallax Shaders by THEHYBRED

If you like one of these backgrounds you can download all the wallpapers below!

Fair Usage

You May:

Edit the contents of the pack (for personal uses)

Make YouTube videos about this pack (Must credit and only link to this page)

Make background addons for this pack

Use the pack on your own server (Must credit, If you’re going to add a link then use this page)

You May Not:

Reupload this pack to this site / upload to other sites

Redistribute the code and use for your own packs (Contact me on Twitter if you wish to use the code for your pack)

Bugs? Problems?

If you experience and issues or like to provide feedback please either tweet or message me on Twitter: @SmashPyro

Changelog View more

Version 1.1.0

  • Touched up some ui textures
  • Removed Help button in Inventory
  • Added 1 background
  • Added to have no background
  • Fixed up the pack_icon
  • Minor adjustments

Version 1.2.0

  •  Added 2 new backgrounds
  •  Touched up some textures

Version 2.0.0

The "Background" Update

  •  Fixed the backgrounds, They now display correctly rather then just a black panorama (hardest fix)
  •  Updated background path: [textures/ui/BMP/BMP_BG.png], (Use this path if you want to make a background addon for this pack)
  •  Backgrounds display in the settings and profile menus
  •  Pack can now be used for 1.13 and 1.14 versions of the game
  •  Removed Change Skin button
  •  Several adjustments in the json files
  •  Removed "New" tag above Marketplace button
  •  Updated Pack icon to reflect pack version


There's no new backgrounds for this update since the main focus was to fix them and allow them to show up. So a lot of hard coding and a lot of trial and error the backgrounds are finally fixed up for 1.13+, You guys can also make addons for this pack using the path listed above. If you do make sure that BMP is selected on "No Background" option and have the addon be above BMP. If there's any issues or you like to provide feedback then contact me on Twitter.com/SmashPyro.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

61 Responses

4.12 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. AnearPlayz says:

    Hi, nice pack dude! I downloaded it properly & had no trouble or bugs so no complaints. I do have a suggestion, I like what u did with the buttons and the sounds. Maybe if possible, can u remove the piston sound/noise, that would be literally super awesome. But not replacing the sound, just remove the sound entirely thank you. If u don’t want to do it in this pack, it would be fine if u did it for a diffrent pack. I’m actually building a map rn and it has a lot of pistons which is frustating. So just removing the sound is a neat thing. This pack is great and pleasing to the eyes, the dark buttons was my favourite feature. Thanks, <3. Maybe deliver a update before December starts Pyro. Greatly appreciated

    • MCPyro says:

      I tried to make sure you were given credit properly, I really love the shader pack and it actually inspired me to make this pack funny enough. I've been trying to make something and when I saw that panorama you had on the screen it looked.. eh. So I went to work and wanted to make some cool screenshots that shows the beauty of bedrock edition. 2 ideas came together into a great menu. It's great that you like it! 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        what do u think of an all might backround from my hero acidemia

        • MCPyro says:

          The backgrounds are made from Minecraft with the use of shaders and a little bit of photoshop to enchance the visuals so I don’t use 3rd party images or even images I don’t own. If you like a custom background of your own you can easily make a resource pack for it, just follow the steps above but do not select “No Background” as that’s bugged and have an image path of (textures/ui/BMP/BMP_BG.png)

  2. Shane says:

    The resource pack looks cool but I can’t get pass the ad.fly

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have AdBlock enabled it’ll cause problems, You should be able to wait and click skip ad in the top right corner then just wait until it goes to the mediafire page.

    • Damjan says:

      When you get on the “click allow to continue” page. Go to your search bar and change the www1 to a www4 and wait. Then you should get redirected to your page.

  3. N00b Slayer0117 says:

    Nice menu style! I was thinking of doing the same thing. Dark theme buttons, different cool backgrounds, and overall revamp design. Great job!

  4. Shane says:

    I don’t like the adfly. It doesn’t let me get to the download.

  5. Quelqu'un says:

    quel horreur se pack

  6. UpBeatTeam says:

    How do you get past adfly on Xbox? Im stuck on the “Press allow to continue” page.

  7. Anonymous says:

    could you make a mediafire link for the ui? thanks

  8. GlazedSolace says:

    How do i change the Background?

    • MCPyro says:

      In the resource pack menu apply the BMP then click the options button, select from one of the 4 backgrounds or choose non and then back out to the main menu the pack should apply the background you selected

  9. HazmiRasid says:

    well why i cant change the background ? it only shows the path background. and yes i do change the resolution and they are all the same. please fix this because the nether and cave background is looking sick.

    • MCPyro says:

      This ain’t a problem with the resource pack. It’s the way minecraft handles resource pack options, Make sure you don’t have the pack on then click to enable then configure which background you want then back out of the menu and It should turn on the pack with the preferred background you wanted.

  10. Salad Snackbar says:

    can you upload it to a server that dont try to rape my computer please?

    • MCPyro says:

      Sorry, I need to earn revenue for my free pack so I can’t do that. Just make sure not to interact with the ads in the middle of the page and make sure you have a anti-virus software on.

  11. Mysterious Gamer says:

    Need Help ASAP! When I select this packs Background 1 as I like the the rainy wallpaper and want it as my menu background in Minecraft Pocket Edition, all I get is your black panorama and not the wallpaper. Not only that background but the other background also don’t work . PLEASE HELP I LOVE YOUR PACK AND WOULD ALSO LOVE IF YOU WOULD HELP ME FIX THE ERROR.

  12. dylan. says:

    It looks sick but it’s not showing up anywhere in minecraft. I downloaded each of the three files and have them all in local storage, just like all of my other downloads. Am I doing something wrong here?

    • MCPyro says:

      You only need to do download one of the files depending on your device. MCPACK for Win 10, Android. ZIP for Win 10, Android, IOS, Xbox. The wallpapers are just a free download for anyone who likes one of the backgrounds. Other than that I can’t really explain how to install so I would recommend to look up on Youtube how to install a resource pack on your device! Other than that hopefully you figure it out and enjoy the resource pack! 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ooh this gave me an idea. Theoretically, would those of us who know how to edit the files be able to change the backgrounds to whatever we like? Like adding some images in with the same names to replace the ones currently present but still work in the addon’s coding? I’ve never really considered that as an option but it could add some cool customization features. Not that this pack isn’t already interesting, but it would just be fun to have as an option

    • MCPyro says:

      Usually when I made this pack I messed around with other’s resource packs and try to get a feel for it. If you know how to navigate to the resource pack folder then you can just change one of the backgrounds in the subpacks. The background is located as textures>ui>panorama_overlay.png
      Just change that image and reload minecraft.

  14. FlaminDevilAce says:

    How can I fix the panorama cause when I switch it would just stay as one panorama. Would I have to reload minecraft?

    • MCPyro says:

      That’s no bug! In this resource pack the background stays still. So no panorama, sorry!

      • Anonymous says:

        I would like to incorporate a still backdrop into my addon with my own picture. How would I do this?

      • Mat383 says:

        I would like to incorporate a still backdrop into my own Resource Pack with a different picture. How would I do that?

      • Matyas Gulyas says:

        I would like to incorporate a still backdrop into my own Resource Pack with a different image. How would I do that?

        • MCPyro says:

          When you’re making a resource pack make a folder called “textures” then “ui” in the textures folder, Your background should be in the folder “ui” but name that image as “panorama_overlay” and it should work. Do keep in mind this currently works for 1.12 as I know of.

  15. Eddie says:

    Is this a resource pack?

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. jollyjg says:

    I really like it! It’s very sleek and well designed. 😀

  18. Anonymous says:

    the only link that works is the Media Fire, and I was really looking forward to having this background

  19. kenlofi7 says:

    for some reason when I got to change the background it stays as the first one, I’ve even tried to reinstall it :/ just thought you’d want to know its bugged.

    • MCPyro says:

      It’s Minecraft way of handling resouce packs with multiple options. Before you apply the resource pack configure what background you want then apply it. Hopefully this helped!

  20. Alesscreeper says:

    lol, thx for the wallpapers

  21. Jammygangbang says:

    In minecraftUWPconsole what pack do u put this in?

    • MCPyro says:

      If you’re talking about applying this to the xbox one then make sure you make a folder called “resource_packs” and put the resource pack in there! Xbox can’t freely put custom resource packs on in the menu so the only way you can use this resource pack is to start a world with this pack on.

  22. TWITTER: @AlexGaming1215 says:

    Awesome! BTW thank you for including the .zip download too, as I use iOS 13 and you cannot import .macpacks on it 😃

  23. SirSean says:

    Nice addon. Maybe next time if possible, could you remove the ? button next to the X and move it somewhere else as it creates a misclick issue on smaller devices.

    • MCPyro says:

      Yep Sure thing! Currently working on the next update for BMP and so far I removed that little pesky help button on the inventory screen on both “Classic” and “Pocket” gui profiles. So what ever gui profile you play on that help button shouldn’t bother you. (Hopefully nobody needs that help button…)

  24. SanPlayzz says:

    Thank you for making this awesome pack!!

  25. tasha says:

    this is awesome!! im never taking it offf omg

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