Published on February 06, 2024 (Updated on February 14, 2024)

Better Paintings

This resource pack modifies the frames in the game and changes them for prettier and more random.


1×1: Mr Bean, Pikachu, Stormtrooper, Anonymous, Ghostbusters, Sheika (Zelda), Cat

2×1: Pokemon R/S/E Intro, Homer, Fry Meme, Flipper Zero, TMNT comic

1×2: Broly, Mars Attacks

2×2: Elon Musk smoke, Vinicius Jr, Map of Azeroth, Psyduck Neon, Pikachu VMax, Skull

4×2: Will Smith Meme

4×3: Ancelotti R.Madrid, Jackass

4×4: McDonalds 90’s, Sonic 2 poster meme, Guardian (Zelda)


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