Published on August 11, 2022 (Updated on October 08, 2022)

Porkier Piglins v1.2 - The Haunted Hogs Update

Ever wanted Piglins to be a little bit more random? Well, this texture pack adds 70+ piglin variants inspired by nether biomes. Piglin Brutes & Zombified Piglins also have variations, and baby piglins look cuter than adults. This pack was originally made by creepermax123 in Java and was ported by me to Bedrock.

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V1.2 Update Log:


  • Added 7 Halloween themed Piglins
  • Added 3 New Default Piglins for each biome, Strider Tamer, Hoglin Wrangler and Headband Piglin
  • Removed Piglins & Zombiefied Piglins Mushroom Caps and Basalt Spikes(Temporarily)

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Very good texture pack! But the piglin head is invisible. 😕
Can you add textures for different biomes like in your other pack
i don't think optifine will work on bedrock
pack is cool
It's because we don't need optifine, mojang will hopefully add features that are in optifine to bedrock, i can honestly see that happening in like 5-10 more years
This comment has been removed
Can you port porkier pigs when you have time to