Published on February 09, 2022 (Updated on February 13, 2022)

Better Recipes by FuzzyPickle6855

Have you ever wanted more trapdoors from your planks? What about crafting ores instead of mining them with a silk touch pickaxe. I'm a builder, and it really annoys me when I only get two trapdoors for six planks and when I can't smelt cobblestone in a blast furnace. This behavior pack aims to help you access blocks easier by modifying some of the crafting recipes.

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  • You can now download version 2.0.0 of pack. Previously, the 2.0.0 was not available to download on the webpage.



  • betterRecipesV2.mcpack (11.12 KB)
  • betterRecipes.mcpack (V1.0.0) (10.95 KB)

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This is very helpful for survival and really makes sense on the trapdoor issue. Like, you really require a lot of wood just for 2 trapdoors. And the idea of crafting ores is actually great for building a blacksmith or ore smelter stuff. Thank you for this addon, buddy. One suggestion though.. add a crafting recipe for the chainmail armor using chains. It's already the most obvious recipe that Mojang should add. :D