Published on June 23, 2022 (Updated on June 22, 2022)

BicycleCraft - Survival Friendly Bicycles!

Bicyclecraft - this pack addons 3 unique bicycles to the game with different stats and crafting recipes. This pack was designed to be survival friendly, and easy to run in Minecraft.   

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This is awesome! I literally love the animations that are used on the bikes, it's so cool!

Excited for the next updates!
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Excellent Addon!
I rebalanced the bikes for myself:
- movement BMX (0.19)/Cruiser (0.25)/MB (0.23)
- jump_strength BMX (0.8)/Cruiser (0.5)/MB (0.7).
A BMX has excellent jump height, while a Cruiser has excellent speed. A MB takes the best of both is not quite strong as the specific properties of the other bikes.

I'm looking forward to how this addon develops and hope for more updates and features :)
Discord: shice#7151
ill look into reqoroing the stats closer to what you said, and there will be alot more coming in future updates 👀