Published on May 23, 2020 (Updated on July 05, 2020)

Bigger Paper Doll

Do you feel that the paper doll in Minecraft is too small for your screen or have you ever thought of a bigger paper doll? Then this resource pack is for you, This resource pack will increase the size of the paper doll. It might be useful for bigger screens or to see your skins clearer. Its similar to some clients. For those who don't know what the paper doll is It's the right thing on top of your screen, i mean if u turned it on (see pictures). 

I got the permission to increase the size of the paper doll (HJN)

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- fixed armor glitch

- fixed cordinates glitch

- improved description



  • BiggerPaperDoll.mcpack

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Is there a way to make paper doll always showing?
Please make an updated version of this. Everytime I try to use the texture pack there's a red spot whenever I touch the screen.
Do you know of anyway I could move the paper doll to the left instead of being on the right? And can you explain how this is done?
This is a good one. Whenever I was on steve skin, i got scared that theres herobrine on that mountain. Now its better for me.
How can you edit the size ? I checked the hud_screen json file but hardly know where to edit
please make it always showing even not running or sneaking
I don’t think that possible for a resourcepack
It is, use the player-render hud on mcpedl.
The whole point of paper doll is player rotation soo
Blocks a view
Cover the coordinates

it looks ugly
Guest-8502058756 May 23, 2020 at 2:57 pm
Very Useful, Thnx