Block Disguise Add-on

– [New Update] – Have you ever wanted to disguise or morph as a block, but camouflage skins weren’t good enough? Well this is the addon for you! A special perk is that if you stand still for 3 seconds, you will become completely hidden as a block! The morphs are also craftable.

How to obtain –

The first method is to use /give

The second method is to craft it: place the block you want to morph as in the middle (currently there is 15), and put leather armor around it (the order of the leather armor doesn’t matter).

Blocks you can morph as:

  • Crafting Table
  • Furnace
  • Chest
  • Bookshelf
  • Oak Planks
  • Cobblestone
  • Quartz Block
  • Oak Leaves
  • Melon Block
  • Cake
  • Diamond Block
  • Iron Block
  • TNT
  • Ender Chest
  • Hay Block

How to use –

Equip the block morph like a piece or armor by holding it in your inventory. Once you equip the morph, you will look exactly like a block, to be hidden as a block, stand still for about 3 seconds.

How to remove –

Remove the morph on your head then the “X” on your boots

This video will explain how it works (The beginning is relevant to the video)

Consider checking out my YouTube channel as I am planning to upload more entertaining content soon!  

Hope you guys enjoy playing around with the add-on! If you want to use this add-on in your hide and seek maps, that is fine, as long as your credit me, thank you!

Created by Freddricc

Tested by ImJamesVN

Do not publish / showcase without crediting me, thank you.

Changelog View more
  • Added Diamond and Iron Block, TNT, Ender Chest, and Hay Block.
  • YouTube video tutorial to help


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31 Responses

4.89 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. TaqqyChips says:

    Definitely looks clean and professionally made, this is a great add-on that gets around the coding limitations in such a creative way. I don’t really need to play a LAN-Multiplayer version of Hide, but this add-on is definitely impressive.

  2. Ailhart Taiga says:

    Cool ฅ’ω’ฅ

  3. SKA says:

    Wow, this is like hide and seek on the hive server.

  4. VisVaGTS says:

    Dude this is amazing, can I DM you on discord please?

  5. Earthony says:

    This add-on is very cool but I was going to rate it 5 stars but there is a problem..,on my screen everything is completely normal and me and my friends made a hide and seek map but on their screens the textures are jumbled but on my screen it’s completely normal, please fix this issue for a 5 star rating from me thanks!

  6. lujieyu says:

    I really like your addons, Can I have your permission to upload it to Minecraft China edition ? Credit will be given

  7. JayrInfantePro says:

    Add anvil and furnace bro

  8. SavagePanda47 says:

    Awesome this is great fun to troll my friends

  9. dorlonkho says:

    Does not work(Windows10)

  10. dorlonkho says:

    what is hat2? Like a crown

  11. twiggydiamond says:

    does not work

  12. NIGHT R1D3R says:

    I want to make a video about it what should I do ???

  13. dorlonkho says:

    this addon is very cool but adfly pls so four stars

  14. FreinerGamer25 says:

    Hello, how are you friend? I would like to publish this addon on my website. Would you give me permission to publish it?
    I will give the credits to the creator

  15. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    wow. this addon is amazing. now i can spy on my friends. lol. five stars!

  16. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Pls add more blocks

  17. PHantomYT says:

    How About making a Hide and seek map next

  18. Coptaine says:

    I saw this in a hide and seek game. Cool!

  19. pavel1800 says:

    whis works on windows 10?

  20. pavel1800 says:

    this works on windows 10?

  21. JayrInfantePro says:

    I cant donwload it here!!!!

  22. EmptyCoso says:

    Cool addon
    Now i can troll my friends

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