Block Shuffle Ultimate!

Based on the game created by GeorgeNotFound and Dream I present Block Shuffle Ultimate! You are given a random block you must find within a certain amount of time or you fail. Play alone or compete against your friends to see who is the last one standing. SIngleplayer and multiplayer compatible and works with infinite players. Change whether players get different blocks or the same, adjust the maximum time to find your block and have a ton of fun with your friends!

Watch the trailer and showcase video to see the features of the pack:

Mahoosive shoutout to all my friends and those on my discord who reported bugs and helped playtest during the development. You guys are awesome!

Everything you need to know is covered in the above video. Step onto the orange carpet to enter the join team and press start to begin the game. By default, you have 7 minutes each round to find your block and stand on it. Anything put in the chest in the lobby will be given to players when the game begins. Press the button on the command block for more information in-game and to see how to change the timer.

Here are some screenshots!

If you are looking for some gameplay – here is my video from the Block Shuffle event I hosted on my discord: 

I also recorded a development video of this addon so if you’re interested in how it was made here you go: 

A note on credits/redistribution:

Please do not redistribute this addon without permission from me! Feel free to use all of my addons in whatever but do not claim them as your own and please give appropriate credit ideally linking to my YouTube or MCPEDL profile. Thank you! (the number of sites which steal your creations is mental!)

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Feel free to join my Discord where you will be able to see the development process of my projects and have access to all download links directly to MediaFire:

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Feedback is really appreciated! The best way to give feedback is on the discord as I am very active there! Thank you for your time 🙂

Changelog View more
  • Added gameplay video to documentation
  • Adjusted some formatting of documentation
  • Adjusted thumbnail
  • Removed the message which says there is a game ongoing in the actionbar so it doesn't annoy spectators


General installation:

  • Click on the download link
  • Download
  • Open File

Alternatively, you can join my discord where you will have access to all the downloads for all my creations before they are fully released!

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Supported Minecraft versions


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22 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. KyleGaming playz says:

    YESSSS, thank you i have been looking for this to play with a few friends of mine, you are a bloody genius!

  2. Pikaboy says:

    I love this addon Great work also Nice Lobby!

  3. i love the username’s joe swanson

  4. Ombvious says:

    You should create an option to remove certain blocks from a round of Block Shuffle because making/finding colored terracotta/wool is so annoying.

    • Scommander says:

      Yep. A few people were talking about that on my Discord. It’s just because currently every block has an equal chance of being picked, so because there are so many different types of coloured blocks they get picked more often. Going to look at adjusting the chances of getting those kind of blocks when I get the time to update this add-on. Thank you for the feedback! 😀

  5. H5W says:

    Does this work on xbox one?

  6. Very simple and fun minigame! Me and my friends are having a blast

  7. Ghostmantisboy says:

    How long did it take for this to get posted cuz i shared a mod and its not on the web can you help me!

  8. Bruh Dream and George arent even the original creators of that

    • Scommander says:

      As far as I could find they were the original. If not could you let me know who and I’ll update? Thanks 🙂

      • ryclix says:

        Dream and George thought of the idea and made it themselves, so they didn’t get the idea from anyone else. BUT, someone named BastiGHG has apparently made this before, although i can’t find the video because it was in a different language. So if you are looking to credit the very first creator of this, you could credit BastiGHG instead, although i don’t mind it staying as Dream’s idea because he thought of it himself

      • ryclix says:

        (and it would probably draw more people towards this addon staying as Dream)

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