Published on April 04, 2024 (Updated on April 04, 2024)

BlockOps V2.0 Remake BETA

Welcome to BlockOps V2.0 Remake BETA Add-On! A 3D Gun Add-On that provides you with 10+ Guns from the Franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. Hope you like the Add-On!

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BlockOps V2.0 Remake BETA

  • Change Log

- guns ingame:

- xm4
- m16
- aug
- mp5
- ak74u
- spas12
- rpk
- dragunov
- m1911
- makarov

• New Reload Animations.
• Smooth Run and Aim Animations.

  • BlockOps V2.0 Remake, A Remake version of the Add-On, changes everything like, gun models, animations, codes.


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It works on 1.20.73, but the mags attempt to stack when you try to quick swap from hotbar to inventory (and vice versa), and the guns stack sometimes too. But, everything else works beautifully.
add RayGun for next update!
this is my childhood gun addon man i appreciate that you remake this addon i will have fun now
you need to update 1.20.70