Published on July 24, 2023

Brain Twister

Brain Twister is a long and brain-twisting puzzle game inspired by Logic0 and Sub0 by EverbloomGames! Your mission is to navigate a robot to reach the gold block! Sounds simple right?

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Fixed a bug where you can destroy the arrow blocks on the wall


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Bro tbh i really love it the puzzles are great, rn i only played 10 levels and i fall in love with that. It's so fun and enjoyable. Make another epic logic puzzle games also. You deserve so much attention. You are really great bedrock mod maker.i hope u reach ur all dreams and goals. Keep it up. TYSM for that. I'll 100% check ur other maps too. Btw I'll make my YouTube Video Series on that (Brain Twister) 10 levels on each video total 6 videos and 1 or 2 extra of sandbox. Again TYSM. Finally Great Best Map Of Bedrock.
Thank you! This comment just made my day, i'm glad you enjoyed it!
this project took me months in the making... Maybe I'll make another one like this. And I'm looking forward to those videos! I really appreciate it