Published on February 08, 2023 (Updated on April 02, 2024)

Breaking Simulator <(V.8)>


What is that game? A game where you break with yourself or with your friends, the game isn't for Multiplayer yet, but future update will have! Please report bug fixes on our email.

In any Reason! I don't want anyone to make a copy of this game, if you ever found somebody who copied this game, please report immediately.

[email protected] 

(This game was produced on 2021, starting with the Inspiration from Pet Simulator X. And now that the game has turned this big, I wanted to celebrate as I will make a MCPEDL!!)

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The milk Invasion has come. prepare yourself because Squydipwapwa is taking huge revenge... literally huge.

(Warning: If you're below 13 age, do not play this update, it's dangerous.)

Also this is an April Fools update so ya.

and don't worry, V.7.8.5 is still here, so you new players can avoid this dirty update. sorry just wanted some fun because this is the last update for Breaking Simulator. I will make another game similar to this one!! stay tune.



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add ender man plss don't see it
Hi, i wanna ask which file needed to make the chest bg transparent?