Published on November 09, 2023 (Updated on November 14, 2023)

Breakout: The Prison*

Hello, Guys. This Is My Forth Minecraft Bedrock Map, Call " Breakout: The Prison. Ya, This Is A Prison Escape Map. In This Map So Many Puzzles & Hidden Chests.*  

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Cannot play due to the version problem. You should fix this
You are aware that this is 1.20.50 and above not 1.20.40 and above, right?

And, when i converted it to 1.20.40, everything broke, so please fix this
Which Is Your Minecraft Version. You, Right 1.20.40 Is Very Unstable Updates In Minecraft Bedrock's History. But Simply You Easley Play In 1.20.50.
1.20.50 isn't a full release, lol