Published on October 07, 2021


Hello I'm OwO Nate! I'm creating this addon for one reason. Minecraft needs more bricks! Whenever I'm working on my city its bland, but I have a solution!  This addon... So now I added 4 new types of brick with many more coming in the near future.

Okay now for the addons features! The Four types of bricks are the ones below. They also come with they're very own slabs and stairs.

  • Sandstone Bricks
  • Obsidian Bricks
  • Magma Bricks
  • Purpur Bricks

                                              (Note) All Listed except Magma Stairs as they are glitched and do not show up in chat but they do in inventories

You can craft all these in a crafting table or in a stonecutter. First is the crafting table. For Bricks put 4 of the core block in a square shape like this.

You get 4 per 4 blocks so its an even trade. Next is slabs, slabs are only useful for building and better bridging, you craft them in a 3x1 line like this.

You get 2 slabs per block good deal right? Finally the stair, all you need to do for them is put them in a stair shape, i don't even think you need a picture for that one! LOL!  I hope you enjoy my 2nd addon as my first one got 5k+ downloads, lets aim for 6k! Thank you again, ~ OwO Nate 2021


  1. Click The "Mediafire Download"
  2. Click Go To Website
  3. Press "Download"
  4. Press Open
  5. Your Ready to Go!


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always needed new bricks great job
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In what is useful for?
ANSWER: Ruin the game
this is trash
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If you dont like it dont download it then
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