Broke; A 16x MCPE PvP Pack

Have you ever wanted a texture pack that works for PvP, but can also be used in regular survival? Well, I’ve got something special for you! Introducing Broke 16x! It has the advantages of a PvP texture pack, such as low fire, clear inventory, and short swords so PvP wont be a problem. However, every custom texture is good to the eyes and haven’t been changed much; perfect for survival! 

I have taken inspiration from other texture packs such as Wisp’s Break, Tight’s Tightfault, and etc. Go and support them!

 A General Screenshot of How the Texture Pack Will Look.

 Short Swords for Better Visibility.

 Clear Inventory to be Alerted of an Incoming Threat.


(Food and miscellaneous))









  • You ARE allowed to make a video showcase about this texture pack but please credit me. 
  • You ARE allowed to edit the texture pack for PERSONAL uses ONLY.
  • You are NOT allowed to repost this on other websites without credits.
  • You are NOT allowed to steal this texture pack.


When you are making a video showcase about this texture pack, please put the download link from the page of this texture pack on the description, instead of using a direct download link. 




Discord Server (i don’t use it much)

Thank you for downloading the pack! I appreciate your support.

Changelog View more
i've updated the texture pack to have clearer stained glass

created a disclaimer on the status of sharing the pack link and crediting me. thank you for downloading.

Changed the layout of the information given in the pictures.

Changed the layout of the information given in the pictures.

Added more detailed download description and more pictures to visualize.

Changed the thumbnail of the post to make it more relevant to the pack.


To download, scroll down until you found the 'Downloads' section and press the green 'Direct Link' button and enjoy! Download Instructions (To support me)

First, click on the link

Then, wait for at least 5 seconds and press skip ad.

After that, wait for at least 30 seconds

Enjoy! Use the link to support me!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14



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Installation Guides

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49 Responses

4.83 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Alesscreeper says:

    I had been looking for something like this for a long time, Thx!

  2. Guest-6455197272 says:

    I LOVE the texture pack👍👍👍 can you please make a texture pack for a hotbar like Antvenom’s

  3. Slimyys says:

    bruh i’m so sorry for not replying to your comments, i had much homework and couldn’t go online much

  4. Guest-3712393719 says:


  5. Guest-3098164074 says:

    It would be nice if you could re-texture every block. That is my only complaint

  6. Guest-3098164074 says:

    It would be nice if you could retexture every block. That ismy only complaint

  7. Guest-9020332591 says:

    nvm i figured it out where did you get your skin?

  8. Guest-4116662850 says:

    hey i got 2 questions how do you download this on xbox and where did you get that skin it looks cool lol

    • Slimyys says:

      hmm i don’t think you can download external texture packs on xbox. if i found a way i will definitely try to make a way for xbox players to download, but otherwise sorry!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tysm for uploading this i killed my friend so many times at kit pvp cuz of this txt pack

  10. Guest-7725911843 says:

    Look the download link does not work.
    Please fix it soon!!!

    Thank you.

  11. Guest-7201172166 says:

    Amazing, I used the Adfly link to support you!

  12. Guest-4997128356 says:

    I found a unblack spot, In the avatar shop, there’s a cape option which is not black, pls fix this I love this texture packk

  13. Guest-8831642229 says:

    Where can i give 6 stars?
    This is amazing

  14. Guest-7695457329 says:

    the best absolutely luv it boi

  15. Guest-1456457688 says:

    Using for 4 months and so far this is the BEST pvp texture pack!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  16. Guest-6838729658 says:

    Ayeeee!!! Dis pack is L I T !!!! I checked other PvP texture packs aaaaaannnnddd yours is the best. Bro, RESPECT!

  17. Guest-8735283589 says:

    Insanely Good
    no texture pack beats this one

  18. Guest-2306087388 says:


  19. Guest-2044090641 says:

    Am I allowed to use this in a Minecraft Video?
    Also I love the clear inventory!

  20. Guest-3687033483 says:

    Hey, I’m currently making my own pvp pack and am struggling with a couple of things.
    1. How do u actually edit the inventory xd because whenever I change it it never works
    2. Did you have any luck changing the block breaking animation texture without getting graphical glitches?
    Thanks and this is probably the best pvp pack for bedrock!

    • Slimyys says:

      hello, sorry for the late response, but i think i’ve gotten a solution for the problems, thank you for using the pack!

      1. the file for the inventory gui is in the ‘gui’ folder and the texture is called gui

      2. oh yeah, i’ve had glitches with the block breaking many times and all i had to do was download the official minecraft texture template, copy and paste the block breaking file, and edit it, hopefully it works for you

      i used paint 3d to edit all textures xd

  21. Guest-5201353753 says:

    Amazing! My favorite bedrock pack ever

  22. User-6202131417 says:

    are shaders included or not coz i have bad device and it will lag

  23. SixUchihaPaths says:

    Hey it’s not letting me use it. Is this for Android too?

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