Heavy Construction Vehicles

The heavy construction vehicles that you can use and enjoy in minecraft with your friends are here! These addons provide a realistic experience when playing, allowing you to move in them and allowing this heavy equipment to chop many materials. This addon is exclusive for MCPEDL. Any other website distributing this addon without my approval is fake and is an act of plagiarism.


It's very simple! All you have to do is simply set it up as an entity in Minecraft, and just move anywhere and destroy the blocks.

This is one addon of many more that I plan to be making, with your support I will be able to continue working to have more models. I will make a complete package of construction vehicles, so you can enjoy them. If you have any suggestions, concerns or requests you can write in the comments.







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excavator added
bulldozer added
added dumptruck
New model added the raod roller
fix texture
changes in animations 



1. Download both the Resource and Behaviour Packs 

2. You will be sent to the Linkvertise redirection page.

3. When asked to enable notifications, enable them, and disable them after completing the installation of this addon

4. When asked to read articles, just click on the X button and it will tell you to wait for about 5-10 seconds.

5. Download the Resource / Behavior Packs

5. Once downloaded, click on the files and it will automatically open up Minecraft to start importing the files!

Supported Minecraft versions

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I am working on it. Look on my Twitter I will upload a photo
Heyy man! I would love to suggest to make this addon survival friendly. Please make crafting recipes for tge vehicles so that me and my friends can enjoy this in survival.
Добавь побольше техники с анимацией исправь эксковатор и когда обнова техники
Not a bad idea but it has a problem, it only dig 2×2 hole but it must dig 3×3 or maybe 4×4 hole because of it hieght(i hope you get what I mean) and it can't break most of the blocks like brick, please fix them in the next updates
I would like you to make a mod of a dump truck because there is no mod and I would like to have a dump truck. :)
I am working on it. Look on my Twitter I will upload a photo
Сделай побольше строительной техники с анмациями когда выйдет обнова и исправь эксковатор ставлю пока пять звезд
Добавь побольше техники с анимацией когда обнова и исправь эксковатор
Looks amazing mate! Will definitely be using this in my own city world!
Wihh kau developer addon. my favorite,
Ini work kalau di pake bareng addon mu?
And no one realized that ashmiggu is known for his awesome car addons...