Published on May 31, 2023 (Updated on May 14, 2024)

Bumbli Graphics v1.4 - RenderDragon ( Compatible With Allí Devices )

Have you been looking for realistic renderdragon packages and haven't found any realistic enough for you? If so, I present to you Bumbli graphics, it is a resource package that has the purpose of making Minecraft "realistic" despite the limitations that renderdragon has. The best thing about this package is that it works on all devices that have Minecraft Bedrock Edition and is compatible with low-resource devices.

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!Bumbli Graphics v1.4!

  • The cover of this package has been changed.
  • Link settings have been changed for this post to be approved.
  • New realistic sun and moon.
  • New cubemap with more realistic and improved clouds.
  • Clearer and more realistic waters.
  • Links have been configured and updated so that the package is visible in mcpedl.
  • New saturation.
  • Clearer and more precise presentation to avoid confusion.
  • Optimization improvements.
  • Link settings have been changed.


Installation Guides

Although I want to use this, I'm a bit hesitant because another user said they got a virus
He didn't say that, he means that he downloaded a .exe file because he doesn't know how to pass the shortener, he just follows the steps correctly
I did all the tasks just for a Fricking .EXE VIRUS FILE!!??? Curse you!!
Next time, don't do the tasks, just click on the steps and go back, the link will be unlocked the same way.
I apologize to the last users who tried to download these packages and had to go through many tasks, I configured most of the links in my package by mistake, many tasks were added, especially subscribing to my channel, I already solved it, greetings and sincere apologies :(
This comment has been removed
Can I use the cloud thing? Or at least tell me how do you get the cloud
hello can I have the permission to showcase your shader to my YouTube channel? I'll use the link direct to the MCPEDL app I promise thanks:D
The creator said this was NOT a shader