Bzf Furniture's Addon

Over 100+ Furniture's Added. With Working Appliances. And Features. 

Bug Fixes Updates And More Stuff/Furniture Every Update ✔️

Made By: BlazingFire203 

Original Posted In: MCPEDL

More Info In Main Description.

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A few models remastered - and refixed 

Added poster 1 block 

Added poster 2 block 

Added White Clothing Cabinet 

Added Gray Clothing Cabinet 

Fix a few bugs that exist in 1.19+

Collision finder/hider is currently broken with the new things added in 1.19+ - still trying to fix it.

Fix Block Materials/Rendering

Nothing much for this update was only intended to fix stuff for 1.19+ MCPE update


Supported Minecraft versions

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Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload this module to Netease My World?
Hello, My problem is tho my Mc is not an educational edition it still wont work I was able to find the finder and the hider device but I was not able to find the furniture box can you tell me why? Also can you tell me if the furniture will be able to show in creative in the menu where we can find all of the blocks
Furniture Box Must be manually built cause it's an old version. Going to update it as soon as possible
I agree please make an education edition friendly one because on my school computer for some reason it won't let me put experimental feature even when i create a new world
Yes!! The crafting works, but EVERYTHING is glitched! There's update blocks, and-
It doesn't work for some people also I tried and it did not work so maybe update it and make a version for minecraft edication edition cause all these lovely people have used there computer or device space to get this mod and it did not work so if you can try to fix it good but if you don't then that it just lazy and you could atleast try.
Is it ok if you add a ceiling fan with leafy blades you don’t have to tho
May you please add a ceiling fan that looks like this (you don’t have to tho)
It didn't work :/
it wont even show up in my world
dose having edu make it not work or somthing
Hello, I'm planning to make an Adventure Map and I want to ask, can I use your add-on for furniture?
I'll give the credit to you. THANKS YOU!
(sorry for my bad english)
it gave me a glitched items, it worked but the blocks were all glitched for minecraft education edition, could you please make it avabiale for this verson and make sure that the blocks work and NOT glitched
does this work in minecraft EDU?
idk thats what i have
Can you make the dishes usable like we can put food in them cooked chicken and other food? Your addon is almost perfect it just needs an update for the chicken (dishes, interactive
Microwave and oven)