Cargo Blocks Add-on (1.16)

This add-on adds new decoration blocks that allow you to build huge shipping containers and crates. They can’t be obtained in survival but they do make good decorations for busy cities. This add-on also adds an entity that builds these containers by interacting with them.


There are a total of 776 blocks in this add-on.

Each block is a piece where textures can be different to make a structure to appear bigger. Just like a puzzle.


These entities allow you to build the shipping containers and crates automatically. They have their base sizes.

For shipping containers, they are 9 blocks long, 3 blocks wide, and 3 blocks high.

For crates, they are 3 blocks long, 3 blocks wide, and 3 blocks high.


Interact with the builder


Interact with the builder while sneaking


Keep rotating the builder until you see the “remove” sign.

Video tutorial


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  1. PrinceMJ says:

    Hey Raigen Add-on Is Awesome I Love It Cause I Love Building! it’s just A Treat To Record And Review On The Channel. Again I Adore Your Add-ons And Good Luck Man! 😀

  2. Mayck says:

    addon é muito legal

  3. Wow, good addon. It been a long time dont see any addon have this.

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