Published on February 26, 2024 (Updated on May 13, 2024)

Chat Ranks+

With this addon, you will have the opportunity to radically transform your world, realm, or dedicated server. This extraordinary tool will allow you to assign a distinctive rank to your members, giving a sense of belonging and recognition. Moreover, you will have the possibility to customize the chat in a myriad of ways, making it a unique place for interaction and communication. You can decorate it with vibrant colors, fun emoticons, artistic fonts, and much more. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination. Make the most of this addon and take your virtual world to a completely new level!

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Chat Ranks + v 1.0.3 MCBE 1.20.80
A configurable and disable-able spam monitoring system.


  • A system that allows you to ban specific words in chat, which you can configure and disable as needed.
  • The code of Chat Rank+ has been rewritten from scratch to optimize it to the best.
  • The configuration file has been simplified to facilitate configuration, with new customization options.
  • Support for multiple chat ranks.
  • The ability to add scores in chat, making it useful for prison games or creating RPG games with levels and similar features.
  • Simplified chat configuration and customization with keywords.
  • The option to modify the prefix. So, if you don’t like ‘-rank menu’, you can change it to something you prefer, like ‘!rank menu’.
  • The added feature to decide which commands to assign to various ranks, thus improving the options to offer in roles.
  • A system that saves all messages sent by players for verification to see any potential infractions or similar issues.
  • A menu where you will have various options, including viewing players and the reason for their status (whether by admin or system), and deciding whether to unmute or set the mute.
  • Broadcast: This is a general chat broadcast system, where you can insert personalized messages that will be sent to the players.
  • Info command: here you will be able to see the version of the addon and the creator. In the future, if other people want to contribute, their credits will be added here in the info.
  • new 4 command


  • The problem with the ranks that did not show the correct tag has been fixed.



Supported Minecraft versions

please help me when I try to change the broadcasts it just sends it and nothing happens please help me
it works now could you add the ability to create custom ranks and permissions though? it would be amazing!
in reality you can do it, as specified several times the rankings and you can add and modify everything as you wish in the config file, in the description it explains step by step how to do it
Translate to Portuguese(Brazil) please!! Quando tento usar o comando o chat fala que eu não tenho permissão.
I’m using 1.20.81 btw
I’m not sure why it doesn’t, I have all experiments enabled and it doesn’t send the rank message in the chat, just the regular message even when I add a tag :/ I hope that was enough info
unfortunately it does not work anymore :/
more details? have you activated the experimental and have you downloaded the updated version for the game version you are using? give more details if it doesn't work or open the support ticket on my discord.
great ranks pack!