Published on August 06, 2021 (Updated on October 17, 2021)

ChiYue City (Red Moon City)

Some may hate this city, some may favor. The city project of ChiYue City started in March, 2018, and was the next project after the Xiconglin City. Now the city has been larger than 1000×1000.

There are many small buildings of the same style all over the city, but the city is also interesting, one reason is that there are dozens of larger landmark buildings and architectural opuscules embedding within the urban area, another is that the map reserves the forests, lakes, mountains rivers and oceans. And there are also a CBD district, some parks and a port.

Subway system includes 9 lines and the distance between every two stations is about 200 m.

the map of the ChiYue City:

The builder's e-mail address is [email protected]

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Built a suspended railway travel route over the mountains and lakes;

Built the building of the shape of red moon as the symbol of ChiYue City;

Extended the subway line.


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