Published on December 22, 2021

Christmas Puzzles

Christmas Puzzles is the sequel to one of my favorite maps I've made, Halloween Puzzles. In this map there are many different Christmas themed puzzles, such as spot the difference, crossword, parkour, and much more! Have fun! This map is multiplayer compatible, and works with any version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18+!


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Yo u make great maps, I love them, only the puzzle ones, the rest, well one of you're maps is a horror map, I don't like horror, and another of your map is a maze, I also don't like mazes, But love you're puzzle maps and I wish you could make some more, so I have some few suggestions, I was thinking you should make maps of special events of any religions, culture or tradition, for example, Holi(Indian), New year(Chinese edition), or Ramadan(all Muslim countries), u can research about them, and find out what there are about.
He's currently making an easter themed map. Please Wait For It :))
Sorry for not making maps for a while, I've been so busy with school and other irl things that I just haven't had time😞. Even though it's past Easter, I might release it when I'm done. I also have a horror map and survival map in the works. I just need the time. Thank you for playing, have a good day!