Published on February 23, 2023

Cleric House (Flat World Download)

Hey everyone, here I have a flat world for you to enjoy. On this world there is a build of a Cleric Villager House. Below I have an image of the house, its interior and information on the villager profession.


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I saw this structures, i built this one about 1 year ago in my survival world =/
Thank you! I might update it to a 1.17 map when I get the chance to! For now feel free to check out my other maps!
Yeah, emeralds are so easy to get compared to diamonds. Giving Hero of the Village wouldn't be my pick for what it does, but I'm not sure what else it could do. Maybe emerald armor and tools could be an alternate diamond set? You would be able to craft a diamond armor piece or tool with eight emeralds around it to get emerald armor or tools, which would function the same. This could be made into a smithing table recipe when Mojang adds support for those.