Published on December 26, 2023 (Updated on April 04, 2024)

Cloud Trapdoors Bedrock Edition

Have you ever thought, how great would it be, when Minecraft had the basic vanila trapdoors in each plank variation?If so then you have come to the right place! Cloud Trapdoor adds vanila trapdoors in every plank variation

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Enjoy the this addon there are a lot of trapdoors

  • Added a Mcaddon file for Maplewood support And new Maple Trapdoors.
  • Update for 1.20.73 fix some bugs for Camouflage Trapdoors support one more add-on for wood types.



  • Cloud_Camouflage_Trapdoors_1.20.73.mcaddon (380.2 KB)
  • Cloud_Maple_Trapdoors_1.20.73.mcaddon (157.31 KB)
  • Cloud_Trapdoors_1.20.73.mcaddon (981.07 KB)

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can you use this on 1.20.60?
cual descargo hay 3 ;(
Buenos días y feliz navidad, podría hacer que la trampillas se abran como puertas, para hacer ventanas.