Published on January 13, 2021 (Updated on January 21, 2021)

Console Addon

This addon Let's you add the new next gen consoles in minecraft with some last gen consoles for you to decorate on you're world's with consoles such as the Playstation 5 - Xbox Series X - Nintendo Switch  and Playstation 4 and more.

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New Updates:

Updated the ps4 console

And Added:

  1. Ps1
  2. Ps3
  3. Psp
  4. ps Vita
  5. Xbox 360
  6. NES
  7. Gameboy
  8. Gamecube
  9. Nintendo Wii U
  10. Tv Screen
  11. Speaker


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Hey can you add the switch lite
I should have in the Addon the Sega Mega Drive and the mega CD and the Sarturn
It would be nice to see a sega dreamcast in here.
Hey I found this app on google play that makes you download mods for mcpe and I saw that someone stole your mod and put it on the app did the guy who put this mod on the app take you permission to put their mod on the app?
its works on 1.16.221
Pls add sega console's
So I really like this mod it helped me make an amazing world in minecraft I make tour videos of my minecraft worlds so I'm not self promoting I'm just saying to check my channel for new updates on my minecraft world I would appreciate if you check out my channel I'm not forcing you to watch my videos it's ok if you don't want to watch my videos I was just saying, overall I like this mod a lot.
please come the itens grafics to 16x
when I take something from the addon everything becomes transparent and when it breaks when it becomes clear the particles do not come out only the block
Great! I love it! The easy download and great models make it a wonder to use, you could add a variant of the switch on the dock. Another suggestion I have is making a TV one block less tall and less thick (and maybe and old tv that could have NES displays) These TV could have different screens for more customization. But either than that this is perfect for my recreation of my house in Minecraft. Great job!
Not yet tried really like to,Just wondering how you remove items once placed. Don't wanna type /kill @e or something like that you know Killing entities. Maybe blocks would have been a better option for the console items. After reading mod description , this mod sounds and looks so cool.
can you make them custom blocks instead of entities
good addon let me review your addon i will give link from this mcpedl?