Published on CurseForge December 21, 2023 (Updated on May 10, 2024)

Controller Tooltip Selector

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Overload Update (2.0.0)

  • Added three Wii U tooltip options (Thanks in part to @nintendo741!)
  • Added a 3DS tooltips option (Thanks, @Crackers0106!)
  • Added a PS3 tooltips option (Thanks in part to @winw3r!)
  • Added three PS Vita tooltip options (Thanks in part to @nintendo741!)
  • Added the official PS4 (Bedrock) tooltips and changed to existing Bedrock subpack to PS4 (Unused) (Thanks, @nintendo741!)
  • Added old Pocket Edition and Kindle Fire Edition tooltips (Thanks, @nintendo741!)
  • Added two sets of old Windows 10 Edition tooltips (Thanks, @nintendo741!)
  • Split Xbox 360 tooltips into two options: Before and After TU53 (Thanks, @Crackers0106 and Byrom#3154!)
  • Updated generic tooltips with platform-agnostic buttons
  • Added custom home and share variants for all tooltip sets
  • Added title images that match the current tooltip platform
  • Removed Automatic (Bedrock) pack option as it makes no changes
  • Unused tooltips are now inside the “” file in each subpack to avoid import issues on certain devices


  • Low-end devices can now use all pack options
  • PS5 tooltips are now replaced with the selected tooltip option
  • Small generic face button tooltips are now replaced with the selected tooltip option
  • PS4 (Legacy) tooltips now exactly match PS4 Edition
  • Nintendo Switch (Legacy) tooltips now exactly match Nintendo Switch Edition
  • Xbox 360 tooltips now exactly match Xbox 360 Edition
  • Xbox and generic controller tooltip shadows are now black instead of gray
  • Redid the lettering on the Switch (Legacy) SL and SR tooltips to match the style of ZL and ZR
  • Unused tooltips are now only named after the game of origin instead of being duplicated for Generic, Xbox, Switch, and PS4


  • Removed “I Want to Help” text document, as controller tooltips from all Minecraft platforms have now been added to the pack
  • Renamed and rearranged pack options to clarify which tooltips are from Legacy Console Edition and which are from Bedrock
  • Updated pack icon to represent all tooltip sets
  • Updated to pack format 2
  • Updated the minimum game version required to use the pack to 1.20.50, which means this pack is no longer compatible with earlier versions
  • Changed pack UUID to be compatible with earlier versions of this pack
  • Updated pack version to 2.0.0


  • Controller Tooltip Selector 2.0.0 (5.61 MB)

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It's a very good RP!
One issue, though: the "select" and "back" buttons are reverse in legacy Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft. (That means that "A" should be for select and "B" for back)
Can you please make a seedmap? by opening idk the chat or smth you can view a imported seed or the seed your on in the moment?
This comment has been removed
It is called Controller Tooltips Variants V1 Beta on Planet Minecraft
Add the Wii U Gamepad tooltips
The texts beside the tooltip icons aren’t aligned properly in 1.17, this resource pack would be great if it is updated to work on 1.17 or even at 1.18 or higher! :>
on pc the mod works in 1.17
not working on iphone on 1.17.11
serves for 1.16.11
Can you also add Nintendo 3Ds controller tooltips and old Pocket Edition controller tooltips, please?
The Angelos Monster May 28, 2020 at 1:50 pm
I Need The Old Version The New Isn't Work Pls Give Me The Old Link
Is there a texture for the touchpad for PS4 bedrock and console versions?
make for Nintendo 3DS
Guest-3830045439 May 25, 2020 at 6:47 pm
that's not possible
you are so dum
Imagine being one of the peasants that play with tool tips
Had anyone done Wii U Tooltips yet?