Published on March 26, 2024 (Updated on April 03, 2024)

Cooperative parkour - Luthern history

Welcome to Luthern, an abandoned region that, in the past, housed kingdoms full of life and fantasy. With the events this city was left in oblivion, where only a couple of trials remained alive that no one could perform alone. The map has different collectibles and some books in the form of a diary to learn about the place that once was.Use of the tridentCrossbow and bow tests to help unlock new pathsGathering resources together to unlock paths

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  • Added collectibles scattered un diferente parts of the map
  • Fixed bugs
  • Correction of some parts of the scenarios and tests
  • New history books added
  • (rare) bug in the bow test fixed


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it is very good with friends and me and my friends got a good time