Published on September 10, 2023 (Updated on September 17, 2023)

Craftable Builds

Welcome to the next evolution in Minecraft creativity – the Craftable Builds Addon, exclusively designed for Bedrock Edition players! Have you ever journeyed through the vast lands of Minecraft and wished for a quick shelter as night falls? Or perhaps wanted to establish a series of bases across the world without the hours of building each one?

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Changed icons of the builds from gems to blueprints to improve experience


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marker blocks to show how big where its plaved etc would be greta ptherwise its all a guessing game where they will spawn in
How does this promote creativy??? (Also great addon :D)
No download just a scamvertise link to a sketchy third-party website.
Fun fact: if you actually do what the website tells you, which is to press free access, follow the steps and continue, you can actually download it using mediafire! Who would have thought following simple steps that it tells you to do would work?!