Published on July 02, 2021 (Updated on July 02, 2021)

Craftable Mob Heads

Craftable MobHeads addon allows you to craft mob heads in survival. This addon adds 6 new recipes to craft mob heads in the crafting table. You can craft Player Head, Zombie Head, Creeper Head, Skeleton Head, Wither Skeleton Head and Dragon Head using this addon. Wither skeletons had only 2.5 % chance of dropping wither skull so this mod makes it easier to craft wither skulls.

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  • Removed requirement to activate notifications on download link
  • Player Head Recipe not working Fixed.



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Could you add more heads? Cow, Pig, Enderman, etc.
that’s easy to do (other mob heads) just copy and paste the mobs head into the addon file and tada but you could add some other heads, definitely looking up to a head of notch