Published on August 26, 2020

Crucible Cubes Parkour (Very Hard)

Crucible Cubes - a 8-level hardcore parkour map filled with hard parkour, as you would expect. The map also features six other courses which are outside of the main level system. These levels all have one thing in common - extreme difficulty.

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More details were added to the map as asked by the admin. The miscellaneous course Sleepy Repellent was redone and is renamed to Sleepy's Nightmare. The walls and floor of White Challenge were also replaced. Some of the main levels are also polished as well, such as the addition of an oil truck in cube 3 to enhance the oil storage theme.

Some heads are replaced with creeper heads, I don't want to spam my skin's face all over the map.


  • CrucibleCubesParkour_1598451376.mcworld

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There’s no fucking way.
yas he good lit but this will take long
as long a he good bulider and he is
Very bad map as it's almost impossible
That's why I put the parkour into 8 levels. You can always try to clear a certain stage and check out the misc courses.
It is VERY hard. It's too hard to have fun. :(