Published on April 16, 2024

CrXzy's Custom FNaF 1!

Welcome To Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Where Fantasy And Fun Comes To Life! Roleplay! Discover Secrets! Build Your Own Freddy's!And Much Much More! I will be posting updates monthly stay tuned! Subscribe To my channel on YouTube @CrXzy0ps

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What's Introduced?

⚫  Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 🍕 ( FNaF 1 )

⚫️ Gas Station ⛽️ 

⚫️ Small Park 🛝

⚫️ Mike's House 🏠 



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I know that everyone is saying its a superflat with nothing i dont know how to fix this but im trying my best! If anyone can please help me! This is what i do. 1. I select all the contents in the world file then i compress all of it into a zip file 2. I remove the zip and replace it to mcworld then i seclet it and it opens minecraft world import goes through Successfully but when i load it up there's no spawn area no pizzeria no nothing... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!
is just a flat world for me
the update is out, but.... It's just a flat world out there
it’s just a super flat world