Want a little more atmosphere and immersion to your nights in Minecraft? Fireflies will probably do the trick for you!!  They glow and flash and float about with an enigmatic aesthetic… but then the sun kills them!

Balanced as all things should be,

This addon adds Fire Flies to the nights in Minecraft! All non-frozen biomes will get them and they spawn *just enough* to avoid being overdone!

They have no special characteristics and while they *can* be killed for one XP point – they otherwise cannot be interacted with! They’re just here to look pretty and make your world more immersive!!

Fireflies will occasionally drop glowstone dust upon death!

I would like to give credit to the enigmatic CodanRaigenXXI for the original texture used – and for tons of inspiration/motivation in general!

Fireflies bring a sense of wonder into the night and are increasingly threatened by extinction due to climate change – do what you can to protect them and everything else that also calls this planet home – there is no Planet B!!


Changelog View more

- Fixed the download!
- Adjusted the texture and speed for fireflies.
- Fireflies will now sometimes drop glowstone dust upon death.

- Fixed the addon downloads! Sorry about all that, if it doesn't work now, i'll eat my hat. Had a couple folks test it.

- Added a .zip download link for mobile users!
- Fixed a typo.


Install it as you would for any other addon.
Runs on all devices that support Bedrock Edition.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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47 Responses

4.55 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. BeeAltaria says:

    Firefly looks cool in my minecraft world, wish they spawn often

  2. AngeloWanted says:

    It’s very beautiful!

  3. This is still one of my most favorite addons! It kinda makes me want to make a cicada add-on for a nice ambience.

  4. Guest-8068454808 says:

    Whoops I need to rate this a five star ? ok ???I did it ? and get the new diamond man plush its cute

  5. Guest-3984760624 says:

    Fireflys don’t burn in the day? they sleep in the day!

  6. animemilytdm says:

    There really pretty, i wish there were more tho like in the ss. For a second i thought it wasnt working until i spotted one, but one only n then later on i spotted two more. The biomes would look super magical n pretty if there were more.

  7. Guest-2604612457 says:

    I just downloaded the new version that was uploaded yesterday, and it works now 🙂
    I like it a lot, it really improves the atmosphere during the night, however I personally think they should spawn a little bit more often. Still, a really great addon. Also thank you for not having, obviously it’s great if creators get credit for their work, but is very unsafe and if you’re not careful it’s very easy to get a virus.

    • Well, i don’t links, I just refuse to download addons if the dev uses one of those sites that make you watch a video, read an article, etc. But, yeah – i’m not interested in trying to make a profit from any of my content, so not providing direct downloads is just pointless.

      I’ll see if i can improve the spawn rate with the next update! Thank you for the feedback and suggestion!! c:

  8. Fixed the download and some other tweaks!!
    I’ll be making is so they can be caught in a glass_bottle soon!


  9. Guest-8628922246 says:

    not work, failed to import, file size 0 KB.

  10. Guest-3903159637 says:

    download link doesnt work, says its failing
    im on a galaxy a20 phone

  11. I’ve updated the download links; let me know if they work this time. I had a couple people verify that they worked properly before uploading.

    Sorry ’bout that!
    Cheers!! c:

  12. Guest-8019762647 says:

    It fails to import every time (not related to pack type).
    Every other mod works fine.

  13. Guest-4776738265 says:

    does not work on PC, failed to import

    • Guest-9830062160 says:

      It’s formatted super incorrectly, if you convert it from MCPACK to ZIP and look inside, theres the a folder on the inside, then two sub folders in that, BEH and RES which i have no idea what that means, and inside THOSE are the files that SHOULD have been in the root. Just zip only those files together and change the name from .zip to .mcpack and it should work… though i’m not sure which one to pick..

    • Guest-7454244613 says:

      These are addons not made for pc’s you pc players have mods.

      • Guest-7417041343 says:

        Pc players can have Java, And Bedrock. Bedrock is the Crossplatform version for Xbox, PS, Switch ( maybe some others ) AND PC. Works fine on pc for me.

  14. Thank you so much for these awesome fireflies! They make my worlds so much better!

  15. Guest-5676960219 says:

    It doesn’t work for me 🙁

    It’s for Android?

  16. Guest-1455256662 says:

    Not working for me on Windows 10. I downloaded the mcpack and double clicked just like any other addon (ive installed plenty so i know how) but it always fails to import.

  17. Guest-6670945477 says:


  18. Guest-6670945477 says:


  19. Guest-4711015121 says:

    It doesn’t work 🙁
    How do I fix it?

  20. Guest-1454420597 says:

    the files are not zipped, and that is not enough to install correctly

    • Anonymous says:

      My mistake – I have just the .mcpack file uploaded, which PC users can easily run/double-click to install. I understand mobile users install files differently, so I’ll upload a .zip file now; it should be available tomorrow!

  21. Guest-4523013027 says:

    Hello cloud, it is me, asowa, I am still waiting for my bannable proof from honeycraft season 2

  22. Guest-5018236498 says:

    The best smallest add-on

  23. That looks awesome! I want to see fireflies like this in the game!

  24. UlisesQ says:

    excellent plugin only that at the time of installing the .mcpack could not have had to unzip the file and copy it to their respective folders

  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s very beautiful to see them hovering over a crop field at night, well made addon!

  26. BoxCatMC says:

    Really cool, can you add jars that you can craft and catch the fireflies with

  27. Guest-3070303827 says:


  28. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Pretty cool. Make the night time alot more beautifull

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