Cursed Minecraft: Starter Update

This is just a cursed addon that I have started. If you enjoy my addons subscribe to my channel and support me on my patreon. Enjoy playing this addon! goodbye!


Water Fog

In certain parts of the water, there will be random colored water fog. In the picture is the water fog for the ocean. The randomized color for the water fog is green.


I put a picture of the Simpsons in the sky. For some reason, I can see myself on the sky. Its a bug but I’m going to keep that because it looks good.


All the models I corrupted I moved most parts and enlarged sizes of the parts.

Diamonds? Thonks?

Dirt texture is diamonds…..

Stone texture is thonks


I guess that the pigs are a block?

Glass that you can’t see through?

Hmmmm…… Very cursed.


Creepers are made very weird.


A head with small legs. Its a spider.

UFO zombie

The zombie looks like a ufo.

So basically I changed all the models and some textures

for example the dirt texture is a diamond texture

all the mobs are cursed except for zombie villagers.

If you guys want to add suggestions please join my discord.

If you want to support me you can subsribe to my channel or support my patreon. 

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Changelog View more

Added more details

Fixed Bugs

Added files for mcpedl app

Added screenshots

Added more description

added water fog

added glass that isn’t seeable


How to download?


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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