Custom Armor Stand v1.3

This addons will be great for those who need to play with custom armor stand for now only have this version of the addon and maybe I will put new armor stand among other things.

Futuristic Armor Stand.

Iron Armor Stand.

1-Hero Armor Stand.

2-iron dummy.

3-plastic dummy.

1-Oak Armor Stand.

2-Mall Armor Stand.

3-Japanese Armor Stand.


wheel with armor stand.

The new item "Random Armor Stand" is an item to put in the stone cutter in order to get the armor stand.


The Custom armor stand contains several amazing looking armor mounts and some are even impressive.

In Minecraft pe will appear a name that tara equipping your items that you placed in Armor Stand.

Select version for changelog:


I accidentally forget the name so I updated I put back the right version.


addons to customize 3D armor stand when you download the addons you can be modeling through the blockbench site and placing the addons is via mediafire.

Supported Minecraft versions

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what are the crafts?
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I like it but the glass case could have a better texture
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herobrine_gamer56 June 13, 2021 at 9:23 am
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Hi nice mod but can you add swords and pickaxe to the stand
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